Meri khal nahi utar rahi hai I m worried please help me.

You require to undergo small operation called circumcision for your problem. Consult Surgeon nearby.

Sir, I want to know is masturbation is good or not and is it good daily or not, or it creates problem in future. Please reply in my email.

Type word masturbation in search box of the site (on your right side top) and then click go. You will get all answers on masturbation.

I am in love with my classmate. He is son of my father’s friend. We are really very good friends. He means so much too me. But its one sided love. He has sexual attraction towards me and we had sex many times. He says it casual sex, sometimes he feels that if this would not have happened between us then our friendship could be in better position. But as such he doesn’t regret about this part of our relation. But now I’m failing to cope up with this situation ,as publicly we are like girlfriend boyfriend but in actual for him I am just a friend, sometimes I forget this thing and I start expecting things from him as a lover as showing possessives, care and all what I give to him but he doesn’t. When I don’t get back the same from him I start losing my patience. I know this is wrong and because of my behavior he is fading up with me. He is ready for live in but he says he can’t be devoted with me, and I have to understand this thing that he doesn’t love me. If I want to live with him, what should I do? I don’t want to lose him because being honest he is a very good friend I ever had. And except having sex with me there is nothing which can prove that he has not been a good friend and I know it’s my problem that I love him. So what should I do? Try to suppress or leave him or accepting his conditions?

He is treating you as sex object. I might be sounding harsh to you but ask him to maintain the friendship without sex. If he can, continue the relationship and if he can’t, leave him.

This is for my father in law. He was a class 1 officer, retd. For the last 3 years leading homely life with his wife. Children are all away (Gulf). The problem is he is doubting his wife and creating stories about affairs even from 25 years before incidents and starts abusing her verbally as well as physically. He was a calm person but after this, he became different and now he is not ashamed at all to explain to anybody about these false stories about his wife. What is this type of illness called? How it can be cured. He is taking some medicines after consulting a doctor but there is no improvement and now he rejected to visit any doctor. Rest all activities are normal .he drinks alcohol and that time it is increased. Wife is now living with some relatives because of fear. pl. help me and suggest the way out

Your father in law is suffering from Paranoid Delusions, which is a symptom of many mental illnesses. It may be related to his Alcoholism. Please consult nearby Psychiatrist, he will diagnose the actual illness and suggest the way out. If he does not come then you go alone to consult.

Hi, I am married before 2.5 years ago & I have a baby, she is beautiful & loving. She is 1.5 years old. When I sleep with my wife at night I want instantly sex with her but she refuses. She tells me to wait for some time like between 12 to 1 pm. but sir my work is hard during the day so I m tired at night when reached home between 9 to 11. Now I think I will make good sex relation with any other girl or lady who will be supportive to me very well more than my hope. Now please let me give right suggestion. I hope to get your reply very soon. thanking you,

I think you should discuss this with your wife. Make her aware about your unfulfilled sexual desire and urge to get it from outside. I’m sure she will understand and cooperate. You may either change your time for sex or try to set baby’s routine in such a way that she sleeps early. Just looking for outlets without trying to resolve your problem is not a good practice on moral ground.

I m girl from Jain family and I love a boy who is my babhis cousin. I love him so much. Moreover, he also wants to marry me and make relation with me. So I want ask to u is that safe to make relation with him with precaution. I also Want to tell u that I m not sure he will marry me or not becoz he clearly say that if his family allow him then he marry me. Therefore, I’m in confusion what to do. What is right and what is wrong. My parents don’t like to make my bf as even my friends. What to do plz give me solution.

He is clear that he wants to enjoy and does not owe any commitment to you. If you are comfortable with this then you can think of going ahead. You have to take necessary precautions. If you ask my advice, I will ask you to stay away from such noncommittal relations as this may give you feeling of being used up in future.

4 years ago I started a relationship with a guy (say X) and was deeply in love with him, about two years ago, his family showed dislike towards me and his sister intentionally humiliated me a lot. I found him to be biased and inclined towards his family and seriously lacking in providing the assurance and security that I needed in such a juncture to think about my future. This turned me off and I tried to move on by replacing the vacant part of my life with another fling that ended up soon. Now, I realize that I am such an emotionally weak person who is scared of being alone. So I again drifted towards Mr. X .But by then we both had grown up and somewhere deep down our affinity for each other had ruptured a lot. We frequently fought and quarreled, abused each other and I especially became sick and bored of him. He was non-understanding and ill-tempered. He often humiliated me in public, in front of friends and neighbors. His over-possessive, rather obsessive nature drew me away from all my new and old friends and my life became suffocating with only him around. Above all he taunted me publicly with my very intimate secrets of life. I broke up with him a month ago and now, eventually I am with another guy who is THE MR.PERFECT in every sense. But the worst part is that Mr. X has come to know about it and is making my life hell in all possible ways by involving my parents, threatening of scandal, insulting me, etc. He is simply outrageous and dangerous. Should I feel sorry for hurting him? How should I handle my present boyfriend?

You should take your present boy friend into the confidence and tell him everything. so that he should never feel that you have hide this in case your old boy friend tells him anything. Do not afraid of your old boy friend. He should feel sorry about what he did to you, not you.

Sir, I worked in an international company my nature is very sensitive & fearful. Many of my friends try to hurt me like making fun of me. I always fear to have company with them I don’t know what to do how to avoid them. I don’t reply to them but the thing is that if I don’t reply the thing will go on & on. Do I be like them or search another job because my nature is not to hurt anybody like other people do?

Changing of job is certainly not a solution. You have to become practical and answer them in their language. This may sound difficult to you but even your attempt of doing so will improve their attitude towards you. Let them know that you do not like them making your fun and will not tolerate it by just ignoring or keeping silent. Initially they may show their resistance by making more fun but on long run your message will be delivered to them.

Sir, I’m a 21 yr old guy. Having normal mental status. However, I don’t know why I’m not very much interested in talking with girls. I feel shy of talking with them. May be due to a dark complexion. Otherwise, I’m a confident guy. I’m always in front in every talk or every field.

This is a very common problem with many boys and reasons can be many. I need more details to analyze reasons. Complexion can be one of the major considerations in first sight attraction but on long run girl will look for love, affection, maturity and respect you have for her.

During sex, my wife shares her premarital sex experiences when she is aroused. During sex, I also enjoy those things. However, after sex those things hurt me a lot.

Erotic talks during sex are normal, in fact desirable to increase sexual pleasure. Talking about your own sexual experiences with someone else may give you pleasure during the act but later on it may be traumatic and damaging self-respect of both partners. You should decide to stop talking about your personal past experiences and may continue talking about non-personal erotic imagination or fantasies.