What food to be taken for getting penis harder?

No such food is available on earth, in any form.

My wife had physical relation with one of her friends, but now there is nothing. Her friend told me about all their relations. I had beaten my wife badly. Now I am not able to cope with the circumstances. I have one 7 year old son. Shall I get separated or what I shall do? Please advice.

Decision of divorce cannot be taken only on this, you have to tell me details of your marriage life.

Dear Sir, My problem is that whenever I do any activity I check it for 3-4 times. for example, When I do Lock or powered Off Eletrical Switch or Close Water nobe or do any mathematical calculation etc. I check it 3-4 times. I know that I did it correctly however I check again and again. Please provide me the solution.

These are symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, mental illness due to chemical (called serotonin) disturbances in brain. You need to consult Psychiatrist for the treatment. There are medicines, which can correct Serotonin imbalance. He will prescribe them.

Hi, I am married for last 8 months and my husband does love me but when we fight he is very rude and says certain things which hurt me too much…I too answer back and don’t take what he says…but I feel I am not as rude as him, he also hits himself and tries to hurt himself which I feel is very dangerous…he is a nice guy but is very very short tempered. How do I handle this situation?

If you are not as rude as him, that is fine. When he is in good mood, you should tell him that he is hurting you this way. Stop answering back so that you can control his temper in indirect way. If you feel pressurized by not answering back, put your arguments after he cools down a bit. Ask him to do relaxation exercises, meditation and physical exercises to improve his mood and positive temperament.

Hi doctor, I am a girl aged 20 years. I have a brother, 22 years old. Here is my problem. When I am asleep, my brother used to touch all of my private parts and enjoy. Infect me too was enjoying this. I was acting as if I was asleep and allow him to do foreplays. This continued and I started to cooperate him. Now he makes me naked and licks my genital. I am unable to avoid this because I really enjoy. I am very much confused. Please advice me. I don’t want to continue this. He also has a habit of wearing my panties. I want to stop this. Please help me.

To me, having sexual relations with brother is unhealthy. You should stop even if you are enjoying. Tell him that you want to stop and do not cooperate rather oppose. Habit of wearing female’s cloths by male is sexual deviation and requires Psychiatric consultation.

Sir, I am a big fan of your site. I read questions and your answers regarding relationship problems regularly. I also need your help. I’m suffering from dependency problem. I had an online affair. I met that person once in real too. We both are married and having kids. We are having an affair for about two years. now, the problem is he has changed a lot since Dec. 2008. I was so disturbed with his changed behavior. First I thought he must be scared as we were also planning to move to the place where he is living but then I clearly told him that we are not moving there. Later he changed and changed and changed. And that was bothering me a lot and hurting me a lot. So I kept asking why he has changed so much. He never gave me satisfactory answer. He used to tell me about his terrible fantasies like having multiple sex partners simultaneously (group sex). I hated his fantasies but he never stopped telling me these kinds of fantasies. He also wanted to ask about my past. He forced me to tell him everything about my past. So one day I told him. Now every time we were online or on phone, he started talking about the guy I had met in past. That’s really turns me off. He was used to call me his wife. He used to send me a good morning message. He used to chat with me every day. He used to make calls to me every single day. What ever he used to do, he was always in touch with me through sms. But then he started saying I will stop this and that is because he thinks habit of anything is bad. One day he sent me sms “jaanu plz don’t talk to me for few days, I have my own problems too. yeh pyar wyar does not come to my mind. Hope u will understand if not then I can’t help it.” when I made him a call and asked him what’s wrong with him? Again he was so rude treated me like nothing. So I cried and started writing him mails. I wrote him every day that don’t answer me ever if he wants to finish then let it be but kindly let me talk out and allow me to write for few days. After few days he sent me sms saying jaan don’t get me wrong I will always love u. don’t send me sms. Again in the morning he replied in single line saying plz be in touch. He was online I tried to talk he never replied. So I made a call and asked him why he sent me sms last night? And now this replies? He said sorry, I cut down the phone. again I wrote whenever u buy a cam plz drop a line I will be happy because it was my wish to see u on your new cam. He replied immediately and said he won’t buy a new cam ever again. What’s the use now? This rude reply made me so disturbed. I tried his number wanted to ask him why he can’t chat with me. And why he always tries to be rude? He ignored my calls for one hour. Then I sent him sms saying I’m calling at your land line number as he must be at home this time. He picked up my call. I was so mad on him. He said my wife is at home in the wash room. I said so? Why did not you answer my call b4? When you were at work? And you provoked me to call here. You know I can’t make a long call still you did not answer my call? You disturbed the hell out of me. He shouted saying I will make your life hell if my wife came to know. I said if you wanted to end up then finish it completely. Either keep or just quit. I cut down the phone. He sent me sms saying luckily wife was in wash room but you are terrible. Just forget that you knew me ever, I will also forget that I knew u ever. Dear doc we were physically and emotionally very much attached to each others. Now he does not talk to me at all and it’s killing me. I tried to fix things but he is not coming back. I’m feeling very low and vulnerable. I feel like doing suicide or some thing like that. Kindly guide me what should I do? I can’t keep him out of my mind. I love him madly knowing he has no respect for me. Still I miss him madly. Doc plz help me, guide me and pray for me. I want him back at any cost. I don’t know what male psychology is. He was very much in love with me then how can he stop every thing. How can he go to that extreme??

Both of you were in relation for different needs. You got the emotional support which you wanted and probably that made you dependent on him. Now accept that he has lost the interest in the relation. You can not compel any body to stay in the relation. Accept that now it’s over. He is going to come in your thoughts and memory; you do not have to do any thing to drive that out. Acceptance and time will take care of the rest.

Hi, I am 30 years old software Engineer working for a MNC Company. I am married for last 3 years. My husband is cool & very reserved in nature. However, he gets angry very often for any small reason & he is not able to control his anger. We do fight for very small reason & he simply breaks up. I am very much disturbed about our relationship & so many times, we thought of divorce but my parents & in-laws against this. Even he is not interested to talk in this matter. Please advise me what to do. Thank you,

Anger has many hidden reasons. You need to work on it. Following questions, you need to answer for finding out the solution.
1. Is he getting angry with every one?
2. Is he short tempered by nature?
3. Is he frustrated on any front like work, money, relationship etc?
4. Does anger runs in the family?
These are some of the basic questions, which will help you to identify cause of anger and then you deal with it accordingly. You may require professional intervention if things are not possible to worked out at your end.

Respected sir, I am 26yrs old male. I am student pursuing MCA from IGNOU. In 2002 I had gone to a doctor (age 54 yrs) for medical consultation nearby from my home. That time he was not in his home and I met with his wife (age 35 yrs). In first meeting we both attracted to each other. After few days I built good relationship with doctor and started to visit his home daily. And I built sexual relationship with his wife. This is the second wife of that doctor. His previous wife has two sons. This wife is the sister of his previous wife. This wife has no children and not sexually satisfied with her husband (doctor). From 6yrs I am performing sexual intercourse with her. This is affecting my study. I deeply love her. I’ve proposed her to give up her husband but she refused. She tell that she love me very much. Doctor will soon set up his clinic in kolkota 300 km from my home and he will give up this place. I don’t want to miss her. What should I do now? How can I forget her completely?

She established relationship for her needs (sexual dissatisfaction from relatively old husband). You entered for a fun. In the process you developed an emotional attachment. She doesn’t seem to be that emotional for you but at the same time doesn’t want to loose you. Now ride is about to get over as they are shifting. Accept this bitter fact. Forgetting is an automatic process. Once you stop meeting her and develop other meaningful relationship, you will forget her.

Dr. I am a diabetic and have sex on mind but unable to make love due Erectile dysfunction what medication can I opt for?

Longstanding and uncontrolled Diabetes can cause Erectile Dysfunction. Before you take medication for ED, you need to control your blood sugar. There are medicines available for ED but they have to be taken under medical supervision. You can consult Psychiatrist, Physician or your family doctor for the prescription and possible side effects.

Sir, from the last five months I am experiencing a severe depression and headache. All this has happened due to the following reason: The incident happened when I went to Rajasthan for my engagement purpose. On 10th April-09 when I was about to leave my home to see the girl I got a phone call from a strange guy. He told me that the girl you are going to see I am in love with her and we are roaming together. I have told this to my parents they told me that somebody has just given a fake call; you first see the girl and meet her then only you come to know about the actual story. Since they have already liked the girl, I went with my own and cousin brothers. I met her and she told me that she was not aware about the phone call. At that time I made up my mind to say no as apart from phone call which has created a doubt in my mind, I didn’t like the girl much and I told this to my brother as this is the case .After that due to my brothers and aunt pressure I have said yes. After coming from Rajasthan this doubt that who has given the call disturbed my mind and I fell into depression. I was so much tensed that I was not able to sleep properly. I thought that I should have taken more time. I have said yes under pressure with little time, I must have said no, why my brothers put me under pressure as they have taken this issue lightly or I should not had left home when the phone call came or I should have enquired about the phone call. Finally the engagement is broken after two months. The guy who has given the call is still a mystery. Even though this relationship is broken all these past events keep coming in my mind and disturbs me. I have lost my self belief, confidence and the self image in my family. That day keeps coming in my mind and disturbs me a lot. One bad decision has caused me so much. I didn’t imagine in my whole life that such thing could happen to me. Please advise and help me to come out from this otherwise I would not be able to concentrate on my next engagement. I have got a high regards for you.

I agree that you made a mistake by taking such an important decision of your life under someone’s pressure. But now that you have rectified your mistake by breaking an engagement you should stop thinking about it. you are already out of this. Try to look forward in your life and move ahead.