Sir as usual I had a relationship with a girl. I loved her a lot but now the problem is that she rejected me. I want to forget her. though I am trying to ignore her but whenever I listen to some kind of songs and movies I lose interest very quickly. I keep thinking about her and my mood goes off and thought always come up in my mind about her that makes me sick also. I feel like talking to her sometimes but she never cares about me anymore. When I kept on imagining her with me whenever I go to someplace nothing recalls but that particular memory of her. recalls about that place most of the times my mind thinks about this issue and also I am kind of goes ill and upset thinking about it, though I don’t want to but the fear of losing her and lost her and fear of getting married with another girl is causing a big worry. and also a lot of illness in my mind is there, any therapy that can help me erase memory associated with her or even her identity from my mind so I can live freely. Whenever I laugh a lot suddenly I stop what will happen next day. Previously I used to sit alone at home enjoying everything till the day I haven’t met her. But now I am scared of sitting alone what to do because I am getting ill day by day.

Forgetting is an automatic process. You do not have to try hard for it, all you need to do is just ignore her thoughts. Gradually thoughts should go away.

I am a single woman of age 26 years. Till my teen age days I use to insert things in to my vagina. It began with pen and then to thicker things. I use to enjoy without knowing its consequences. I don’t practice such things anymore because I don’t enjoy it anymore. It doesn’t give me the same feeling (orgasm) or may be I have become sexless. Earlier, when I use to insert things, my vagina would be flooded with some thick fluid which has vanished now and my lower abdomen has swelled up. It seems I must have some problem in my cervix. Now, my parents want me to get married but I am scared and need your help: 1.Will my husband recognize that my vagina has been used for such purposes or has loosened? 2.What about the fluid? Will I be able to respond during intercourse? 3.Is there any medicine to get rid of this problem?

First of all there are several myths, which need clarification. There must be several teenagers who are following similar practice (of course their method varies). It is called masturbation and it is normal physiological urge.Masturbation doesn’t make you unable to enjoy sex in long run (sexless as you mentioned). The thick fluid is a lubrication that a woman releases to make the intercourse enjoyable and painless.Since you don’t enjoy the insertion process anymore, u don’t lubricate anymore.You will start lubricating once again when u will start enjoying the love making with your life partner.No, the husband will not know about the masturbation habit unless he is told about.  There are several gels available if incase you fear lubrication.

Doctor, I have been married since 18 months. Ours was love marriage and our married life is going fine. Our sexual life is also going good. However, I have realized over past 1 month that my penis does not remain erect for long and thus we are not able to have normal intercourse. We start foreplay and my penis looses erection. Since last one month we have not had sex. Is it normal? Does it happen with every man after marriage? I am very tensed and worried. I don’t want to hinder my married life because I love my wife very much and she loves me too. I need help. Can you please give me some doctor’s contact number in Mumbai with whom I can discuss/ consult? Thanks

This is normal. Do not become anxious over your performance. Give more attention to foreplay then the act. Things should get normal within few days. You may consult any psychiatrist nearby.

Hello sir, I a unmarried boy of 25. I have regular habit of masturbation. Some time before I get an affair with a widow of 28. At the time of intercourse I feel the problem of premature ejaculation in me. After three months I leaved her because of my posting since 2 year. Now I am getting married within one month and I am very afraid with my premature ejaculation. Please help me in this matter I really very thankful to you.

Habitual masturbation and long interval between intercourses some time leads to premature ejaculation. Kindly put word Masturbation as well as Kegel’s exercise in search box (Top right) and you will find my answers on this issue. Try to do Kegel’s exercise and you may take medicines called fluoxetine, by prescription.

I am going to get married in next couple of months. My age is 31 and my would-be age is 22. About 9 year difference. Will this affect our sexual life and baby’s birth? My penis is also small in size, hence can I able to give full satisfaction to her after marriage. Also need some tips for how to start having sex with my would-be. Is it necessary to have sexual intercourse at the first night itself or later?

Age difference of 9 years has no effect on sexual life and baby’s birth.
Women’s sexual satisfaction has more to do with your emotional bond, caring attitude and love filled foreplay/after play then size of your penis. Do not get preoccupied with size.
I believe first night is for getting comfortable with each other and it’s night of romance. Sexual act is a by product of romantic first night and not the goal.

Hi sir. I’m 19 years old. Whenever my boy friend goes out or when he is not messaging me I get angry. I can realise that I’m doing wrong but when I’m angry I cannot control myself. This hurts him a lot sir. I’m trying to change my nature (i.e. to reduce my anger) but I am unable to do. How can I reduce my anger? How can I understand his situation? How can I give him happiness? Please help me Sir.

One thing is good that you have realized your weakness. Try relaxation exercises and anger management techniques. Talk to him about this and accept your flaw. At the same time convey him that you are committed to overcome your this weakness.

I am not able to leave smoking for her pls tell me how can I quit?

To leave smoking you need honest commitment to yourself and strong will power. If you have these then you do not require anything, just go ahead and stop it; you will not die. But if you do not have commitment and will power then consult psychiatrist.He will help you.

Dear Sir, I am Bachelor / Single. I do masturbate once or twice in a month. I feel excitement but I control it and do masturbate rarely. Is it fair or harmful?

Masturbation is natural physiological urge. By no means it is harmful (except when it is a part of compulsion and done publicly, which is considered sexual deviation). For masturbation it is said that 95% males are masturbating and rest 5% are liars!

I am a married man and my wife is pregnant. Is it safe to have sex during pregnancy? If yes then in tell me about the position and if not then why?

Avoid intercourse for first three months to avoid the risk of abortion. However, chances of abortion are very rare. Then onwards you can do in side-to-side and rear position. You may go for male up position with minimum weight transfer precautions. During last two months, avoid it to reduce the possibilities of premature delivery.

I am 24yrs old girl having responsibility of family as my father expired before 11yrs. I am working from 10th std. First I was alone fighting with the situation now I bought a flat for my family with very hard struggle I have some financial crises. Then I was 18 yr old I met a boy by chat and we became good friends, after that we fall in love he was perfect as my dream man but he was not ready for marriage as his other friends were talking bad things about me. But I am not like that, during this relation I met another boy who was earning good matured and wants to marry me. I left 1st one for this guy as I was in need of companion. But this person was over possessive and once he saw me with 1st one so he started doubting on me and spoil the sweetness of relationship. He got married with someone else still he was having relation with me, 1st one also get engaged now. But the 2nd one is now leaving his wife and 2yr old son as his marriage life is not happier as per him its because of me as he already told his wife about me. Now he is taking my responsibilities and all that but I m not happy we had physical relations from long time but if I denied for relation he start saying that I have options that’s why I am refusing. My family circle is not so big so not getting good offers from my caste even I am an MBA, good looking and smart as per all my friends. Before few days I met that 1st boy and he suggested me that u get married and make your mom tension free but still I wish that he marries me. When I asked about his engage meant he changed the topic and is not ready to discuss but till today he is as usual trying to make me happy even by phone or little bit talks. He wants to meet me but I m ignoring him. 1st one is playing good role by giving me respect love happiness and all that but nothing about future as he is not clearly saying and 2nd one wants to marry me after his divorce and he is taking good part in responsibilities but my happiness my freedom and all that he doesn’t care he wan that I live as per his instructions. for example I wish to go for trip with office staff but he is not allowing he force me to switch off my cell after office and all that makes me disturb as its not a way of good life. My boss is really caring and he start liking me as I am the best in all my responsibilities, I am the girl who is suffering lot in my life still never complaint and all that. He loves me and wishing that I get marry soon with someone and live happily. I rejected one offer from a colleague who loved me blindly and after my rejection he got engaged. Right now I am very much disturb and fed up from my life I know future will be better but for that I have to take some change in my life, in job I am not getting better place and opportunity even I am doing better than also. All are praising but not promoting me. It’s called bad luck or what? From childhood I had seen quarrels of my parents, then death of my father, responsibilities and now burden of brothers study, family responsibilities and other problems like above. Please guide what to do?

It is unfortunate that you had to face so much from a very young age; naturally you would feel tiered and frustrated. You concentrate on your career and can also take some part time course which may help in your job and promotions. About the relationships that you have asked in that you need to stop any relationship that are emotionally exploiting and wherein you know that there is no future. Further make an effort to find a suitable partner from fresh.