Hi Doctor. First of all I would like to mention that you are doing a wonderful job by providing solutions to everybody’s problems. I had shared my problem with you earlier also. I am married for 1 ½ years with a 6 months baby. I had certain issues with my husband and in laws in the past. They couldn’t provide me emotional support during my pregnancy. The outcome of which was that we fought a lot & I came to my parents for 1 month. I only initiated to go back thinking about me and my kid’s future. As advised by you I have started financially contributing as asked by my father in law. You also advised me to give sometime to my husband as my relation with my in laws seem to be on track but my hubby was very cold towards me and needed sometime to come back. It has been 2 months now since I came back .His attitude towards me is now changing for good but when it comes to physical, it is practically absent. We didn’t have any physical relation for last one year. I have given him hints many a times directly or indirectly by saying things like we are not living a normal husband and wife relation but according to him everything is fine. He doesn’t discuss about when we should start having relation. He doesn’t even kiss me. When I talk about that he says we will do it and I am not comfortable with the baby in the same room. We can go to other room for that. He said that quite sometime back. Afterwards I didn’t discuss anything. I don’t want to discuss it again and again. I also feel uncomfortable and don’t want to give him any impression that I am desperate for it. It’s just that I am scared that if it continues like that it will never happen. He doesn’t have any disease but he is stressed because of work pressure. This pressure will remain forever because his job is like that even if he changes his job. When I feel frustrated I start nagging and that upsets him a lot and on which he says that you are always complaining. I feel unwanted and when I repeatedly tell him this, he tells me that it is your problem and that he feels things are improving. He gives his love to his parents and kid but I am yet to create a place in his heart. I don’t know what to do? How long should I wait? How do I control myself from not complaining? If I wait patiently would he come back to me? What kind of attitude shall I have towards him? Please advice.

It seems that he is taking a sort of revenge by depriving you sexually and emotionally. Stop asking for sex and stop nagging too. Try to overcome your frustration by doing some meaningful activities or job. If you can keep yourself happy and busy in your own activities then he will automatically try to seek your attention and care. At that time, do not rush to please him but let him realize your worth. You have to keep good amount of patience for this.

I am a married man, but I have had sexual relationship with another woman. We are both married, but feel no guilt about this matter. Fact is that I have known this woman from before marriage and we have always loved each other. But we parted ways and got married. I still love my wife and wouldn’t want to hurt her, but I don’t want to stay away from the other woman either. Can you help me out?

You want to ride on two horses simultaneously without falling. Is it possible?! Either you leave other woman or keep on cheating your wife. There is no in between solution to such relationships.

I’m into a relation since past 2 years. My BF is obsessed with sex. He wants to have it each time we meet. He thinks that we should keep kissing, smooching, indulge in sexual pleasures. It is ok for me at times but each time, I don’t like it. What should I do? If I refuse it, he says I don’t love him.

You have to tell him that you don’t like it every time. It is not a measure of love. He is exploiting you in name of love. Do not succumb to his desire every time (He might be treating you as a sex object) and try to maintain your self-respect in the relationship.

Hello, my question is that I had a huge fight with my best friend and we just ended our friendship because our family. They don’t like that we talk to each other, my best friend is a girl. Now I don’t know what to do. I really need her and today I am feeling very alone.

Here first you need to set your priority about whom  you wish to please your family or your friend, also you need to have clarity in your mind about your feelings and relation that you are in or expecting it to turn in future based on which you can decide to continue or not. Also about feeling lonely, it is a natural reaction which can be felt by anyone under such circumstance and only time will be able to heal that.

hello sir, I am 25 year old ,and I am willing to do a marriage with my girlfriend , but there is one problem about our marriage is that our blood group (o+ve) and also our nadi is also same(antya) . as per the horoscope our kundli is matching excluding nadi dosh is 22 points but I am just worry about the child birth and after child birth is there any problem will arise .please help me out from this problem thanks

Faith in Horoscope goes with your belief system. Except Hindus no one believes in horoscope matching for marriage and still life is on for them. I have seen numbers of couple with Nadi Dosh having normal healthy kids and without Nadi Dosh having no kids. It has no connection with medical science.
Having a same blood group will not cause any problem.

Dear Sir, Myself Chiranjit and I’m from Kolkata. I love one of my classmates in Management College. We were in relationship last 5 months. In the beginning we had good bonding but slowly problem comes out between us. She is staying in a hostel and she has 2 room mates. Sometimes we have some problem but still we manage. Now I’ve a friend and we three, that means I, my girlfriend and my friend hang out together. She shares her feelings in my absence to my friend and they come closer. One day I explore that she broke up with me and now in new relationship with my friend. The boy took the chance and accepts the relationship. I still love this girl and miss her too much. When she broke she had only two reasons that I’m not financially balance and my standard is not up to the mark. But the real scenario is not like that. Kindly suggest what to do? For both of us it was our first love. Waiting for your reply.

If she is not interested in the relationship for any reason (which is evident from the fact that she has broke up and now into the relationship with your friend) you should not compel her for the same. See, relationship is something which should come naturally and not by compulsion or by pushing yourself on some one. The fact that you still love her cannot bring her back to you. Even if she comes back, you cannot trust her for similar repetition at any point of life. Best thing is end up this and move on.

I love sex but my wife is not interested should I look out for options?

There can be many reasons for a female to lose interest in sexual life. If she is not interested you should try and talk to her what are her issues due to which she is not to reciprocating to you or your desires.

Respected Sir, I am in final year of engineering. In my college there is a girl whom I very dearly love. I have proposed to her and she had refused me. It’s 1 year and 7 months since then. But with time things have changed. I felt that her feeling towards me has changed. Whenever I thought that we were getting close I again expressed my feeling to her she would talk to me in a very rude manner. I love her and these things really hurt me, but still I am never able tell her anything inspite of her bad behavior. Well it’s been around three months since I last talked to her. She studies in my college and even if I see her I simply act as if she didn’t exist. Sir it has taken me a lot of time to have somewhat come out of this issue(though I am completely not out from it yet). Well the problem now that I see is I have become very short tempered .I am always angry and small things just ignite me. My behavior at times is very rough (I never hit anyone).I have developed a total negative attitude in life. I feel I can do nothing .I have very high aspirations but I am not able work for it. My mind keeps me preoccupied with those things she had told me, and I get very angry then. Her sight upsets me and the fact that I will be seeing her in college pisses me off. Well sir I have completely lost my self respect. People even in my family sometimes speak to me in a manner that is not acceptable to me. In other words I am only having a free fall and don’t know where this will lead me to. I hate myself for having loved someone so earnestly to whom I completely mean nothing. I am feeling frustrated sir. I see myself as a loser in life who is not able to achieve anything. Please help me if you can sir. I will be thankful to you.

You feel frustrated because you are not able to digest her rejection and that produces aggressiveness. Accept that she is not for you. Learn not to compromise with your self-respect.

I’m 19 yrs old. I studied in co-education school so I had many friends, boys as well as girls. Many guys used to propose me those days. I didn’t avoid them completely instead, I spoke for few days and saw whether they match me. I didn’t find any one suits me expect 1. So I fell for him but it didn’t last for even a month. He left me. Now for the past few years, I’m in love with another guy who loves me truly and I’m very sincere with him. The problem is, my ex told my past to him with extra build up that we had affairs but I’ve not even touched him. My guy got angry and believed him bluntly. I somehow denied the fact and made him believe that he is my 1st love. But now days he doubts me a lot and we always end up in fight. He is a very possessive guy that he can’t even accept me just talking to a guy from 1st… So I stopped all my contacts with my friends. After this incident he doesn’t believe me at all. I’m very worried. I love him very much and don’t want to miss him…Please help me out.

Only thing you can do right now is maintain utmost honesty and transparency in the relationship with him. Do not do anything silly which can add to his suspicion or insecurity. Rest of the things you have to leave to the time.

I am in a relationship with a guy for the past 2yrs. we both are happy with each other and love each other deeply. but the main problem here is that the guy knows that I wasn’t a virgin when I met him ,I had been in a relation with another guy for about 3yrs,n almost all his friends know that too. I haven t cheated on him ever except hiding a few facts when our relationship started. However, he has done that twice and says that he couldn’t t carry the guilt so confessed himself. Now he says he loves me very much but can’t marry me as I’ve a gruesome past and people around him know about it, and what if someday his parents also get to know about it. Even though v have adjusted with each other very well. And he knew about my past from the very first day not through me but through his friends. Now I am so deeply attached that I can’t even think about life without him. I’ve given him time to think n try to sought out things in mind and accept but nothing seems to work. Moreover, even he has a past, which is worse than mine is

Where is the deep love?!!
I think you should stop fooling yourself. He should have raised this issue at the beginning. Now that he has brought this issue means, he has lost interest (and you are talking about deep love?!). However, he does not have courage to admit this or he wants to continue without any commitment. Try to accept this and wind up. I know, it is painful but it is the fact you need to accept.