Dear doctor, my name is Altaf, age 26 years. At the age of 15 years, I was not surprise to see my penis bending towards left. I use to masturbate 3-4 times in a day and today my penis is bending towards the left more and downwards. The actual position can be seen in the attach photograph. Kindly suggest me if it can be made straight and upwards so that I can have better sexual intercourse with my partner. Still I am unmarried but use to have sexual intercourse with my girlfriend with condom.

This is normal. It has no connection with habit of masturbation and sexual intercourse. Shift your attention from this.

Hello Sir, I am in love with a guy with whom I was having a brother like relation (like Rakhi bro) and everybody knows us like brother and sister. So this the main that are parents are not ready to get us married. We had physical relation as well. Now he wants to get married at any cost and I don’t prefer to get married without my parent’s permission. So can you please guide me what to do? And how I can convince my parents?

Tell your parents that you want to marry him and no one else. Also talk to them about your physical relations with him. You can also take help of mediator.

My boyfriend isn’t grown up in some ways. Example-we moved out to las vegas and had a lot of pressures and he split back for home leaving me there with all the responsibilies but still wanting a long distance relationship. I said no and after I finished my semester of college I headed back for home too, and we got back together. I am ready for marriage in the next two years and he still wants to live with his parents. I think he finally got his head together about a career though; the military. I am moving to St. cloud to go to school and hes coming up in two months because of court issues, I am affraid of things happening how they did in vegas all over again. Should I wait for my boyfriend to grow up or should I just move on even though I love him?

It’s true that male gets maturity late as compared to female but in your case it is irresponsibility then immaturity. Leaving you stranded with responsibilities is not done. It sounds very selfish. For healthy relationship your love for him is not the only thing which is required, it is much more then that. I hope you get my point in right perspective. What you should look for is caring attitude, understanding and emotional security. If he can give you that then it’s worth waiting otherwise move on because only your love for him is not going to create long lasting satisfying relationship.

One is greater? Loved one or one who loved us. I love someone but he doesn’t and someone loves me but i don’t !

Love is about reciprocation. One, who doesn’t love you will not be able to reciprocate and you don’t love to other guy so you won’t be able to reciprocate. Therefore, any of these options will not work.
Theoretically, of course, one who loves you is important than other one.

Dear Sir, Myself Chiranjit and I’m from Kolkata. I love one of my classmates in Management College. We were in relationship last 5 months. In the beginning we had good bonding but slowly problem comes out between us. She is staying in a hostel and she has 2 room mates. Sometimes we have some problem but still we manage. Now I’ve a friend and we three, that means I, my girlfriend and my friend hang out together. She shares her feelings in my absence to my friend and they come closer. One day I explore that she broke up with me and now in new relationship with my friend. The boy took the chance and accepts the relationship. I still love this girl and miss her too much. When she broke she had only two reasons that I’m not financially balance and my standard is not up to the mark. But the real scenario is not like that. Kindly suggest what to do? For both of us it was our first love. Waiting for your reply.

If she is not interested in the relationship for any reason (which is evident from the fact that she has broke up and now into the relationship with your friend) you should not compel her for the same. See, relationship is something which should come naturally and not by compulsion or by pushing yourself on some one. The fact that you still love her cannot bring her back to you. Even if she comes back, you cannot trust her for similar repetition at any point of life. Best thing is end up this and move on.

Today I read almost all your answer. I appreciate that you are doing a wonderful job. God bless u and your family.

Thanks a lot for your appreciation.

Hello sir, I am 22 yrs old. I am very caring and in fact over understanding type. I hardly ever care for myself but I care for others to whom I become close. I had been involved with a boy of my age. We were first friends for 3 yrs then when I proposed him he said that he is just very good friend and nothing else. Then after some months he proposed me back. I accepted him. From very first day he discussed with me sexual things in chat. I first denied thinking that it’s wrong. Then thought we are now close so it’s no problem. At that time I couldn’t realise that he had come back to me just for this. Then after few days he said he wants to have sex with me. I denied strongly. We had a fight, then he tried to convince me in different ways and I got convinced. He came to my house when no one was there and said me to wear a dress which he liked, then asked me to have sex. We never had intercourse but had sex two times. Then one day he didn’t pick up my call and I shouted saying that you are playing with me. He got angry and broke up with me. I pleaded and said sorry. Still he didn’t listened. He said I can’t live with you lifelong. I’m emotionally attached with him. I still can’t forget him and when I really miss him, I remember the moments that we have spent. I sometimes fantasize sex with him too. Tell me what I should do. I sometimes feel that I am too irritating and bad, will never get a boyfriend in my life.

You did three mistakes. First, you accepted his proposal, after his denial on first instance. Second, you allowed him to take liberty in sexual talks. Third, you agreed to have sexual relations with him. In the process you developed an attachment to him and he lost interest in you. Now that he is not interested in you, he is creating guilt in you by blaming you for all this. Accept that he has gone and do not held yourself responsible for that.

Dear Sir I am happy to get advice from you. I already approached you two times and my problem was solved, thanks a lot for your help in all the ways. Now my problem is I got married four months back, after waiting for 8years love .He is staying in other country and I’m in other country as I’m working and studying.. But some rules have changed, so I can’t get him to my place. He can’t take me to his place where there is no scope for my studies and quite expensive and can’t manage with one person’s income. We were been together for one month after marriage. Nowadays I feel lonely; by the way I am staying with my sister in law who got married few weeks before we got married. She’s living with her husband. I don’t know what to do now. Everyone’s giving advice to me; to be here and earn money, don’t go to husband’s place. Really, I feel why people do not understand the feeling of others. My husband asks me to come but he himself is not sure about his decision whether it can be manageable. I am in one of the richest dream countries when compared to other place. Everyone is telling me not to leave till my visa is not expired. I want to be with him always but I think people around me don’t like us to live together. Please help me. What should I do?

Listen to what your heart and husband says. Even if he is not sure about managing it, give it a try. Most of the time things get settled down once you are into it.

Sir, I’m 19 yrs old. The problem is, I met with an accident few months ago and suffered minor pelvis fracture. In MRI scan report, it is identified that I have a cyst in my left ovary; will that cause any hindrance for my pregnancy after marriage? I’m very confused and worried about this. Please do reply me.

Sometimes cysts cause difficulties in conception of fetus. It depends upon type of the cyst. Kindly consult Gynecologist nearby for finer details about your problem.

I’m 19 yrs old. I studied in co-education school so I had many friends, boys as well as girls. Many guys used to propose me those days. I didn’t avoid them completely instead, I spoke for few days and saw whether they match me. I didn’t find any one suits me expect 1. So I fell for him but it didn’t last for even a month. He left me. Now for the past few years, I’m in love with another guy who loves me truly and I’m very sincere with him. The problem is, my ex told my past to him with extra build up that we had affairs but I’ve not even touched him. My guy got angry and believed him bluntly. I somehow denied the fact and made him believe that he is my 1st love. But now days he doubts me a lot and we always end up in fight. He is a very possessive guy that he can’t even accept me just talking to a guy from 1st… So I stopped all my contacts with my friends. After this incident he doesn’t believe me at all. I’m very worried. I love him very much and don’t want to miss him…Please help me out.

Only thing you can do right now is maintain utmost honesty and transparency in the relationship with him. Do not do anything silly which can add to his suspicion or insecurity. Rest of the things you have to leave to the time.