I am married for the last 18 years and have three kids. However our sex life despite a love marriage is very dull. We just have sex twice or thrice a month which is making me desperate and confused. I have tried everything to please my wife but she does not want to indulge in sex. Is my sexual drive very high? Or is hers very low! Please advice what could be done.

Her drive seems to be low. There has to be many reasons behind this. Reasons vary, may be hormonal, emotional, biological, social etc. You have to discuss with her keeping this possibilities in mind and even more preferable is to consult Psychiatrist for counseling and ruling out hormonal problem.

My friend who is 32 years old got married two years back. His married life was running good. but now he is facing a problem of quick fall. He is in big problem

Your friend is suffering from Premature Ejaculation, which is most common male sexual dysfunction. Just browse through this site, I have described measures to get over this problem.

Dear Sir, I am facing problem now days. I love one girl from the last 3 years from where we study together, and we are good friends, during those days I proposed her, but she didn’t accept and because of that we have huge fight and she didn’t talk to me for 8 months. Now from last august she again came into my life and our relation has started again. I accept her because I love her so much. During that time she told me, she has physical relation with a guy from last 5 years but now she has left him. I also found that, the guy was already married and both of them had physical relation. I also want to know she is not of my cast, we belong from different community and my parents are not agreeing for our marriage. But before, I tried to convince my parents and she also told her parents about me. Now I am so confused, what to do, can I go with her because she doesn’t hide anything from me, I love her. Or should I leave her, because I am afraid of my future. What it’ll be?? As of yet I didn’t make any relation with her. Please sir guide me what will be right for me. I am so confused.

She has come back to you because of her personal reasons. That guy might have cheated her or knowingly she might have kept physical relations with him. At present, out of your love you have accepted her physical relations but do you really think that it does not matter to you? If you think that it is acceptable to you once and for all then you should think further. If you are not capable of establishing yourself without your parent’s support then you should rethink before you go ahead.

I am a single woman of age 26 years. Till my teen age days I use to insert things in to my vagina. It began with pen and then to thicker things. I use to enjoy without knowing its consequences. I don’t practice such things anymore because I don’t enjoy it anymore. It doesn’t give me the same feeling (orgasm) or may be I have become sexless. Earlier, when I use to insert things, my vagina would be flooded with some thick fluid which has vanished now and my lower abdomen has swelled up. It seems I must have some problem in my cervix. Now, my parents want me to get married but I am scared and need your help: 1.Will my husband recognize that my vagina has been used for such purposes or has loosened? 2.What about the fluid? Will I be able to respond during intercourse? 3.Is there any medicine to get rid of this problem?

First of all there are several myths, which need clarification. There must be several teenagers who are following similar practice (of course their method varies). It is called masturbation and it is normal physiological urge.Masturbation doesn’t make you unable to enjoy sex in long run (sexless as you mentioned). The thick fluid is a lubrication that a woman releases to make the intercourse enjoyable and painless.Since you don’t enjoy the insertion process anymore, u don’t lubricate anymore.You will start lubricating once again when u will start enjoying the love making with your life partner.No, the husband will not know about the masturbation habit unless he is told about.  There are several gels available if incase you fear lubrication.

Hello Sir, I had been in a relationship with a guy who is 12yrs elder to me. He masturbates whenever he feels sexually aroused. We meet very occasionally, but he never shows any interest in intimacy or anything. He always blame me that you don’t talk and you are not interested or you cannot satisfy man, and he always says that he want to see me with other men in bed. And always ask me to do so, also he disclosed that he doesn’t like female sexual organ. What should I conclude from his behavior, this makes me upset all the time also he has habit of taking drinks, is he normal or suffering from some problem. Please help me out for my problem.

He does not like female sexual organs, not interested in you physically, want to see you with other men; putting all these things together one can suspect that he might be sexual deviant. When he does not have attraction for you and has no hesitation to ask you to be in the bed with men then why you should stay in that relationship?

I’m masturbating since the age of 18 and I am doing it daily. Am I considered virgin?

YES. To lose your virginity, you have to actually have sexual Intercourse.

Hello Sir, I am married from the last 2years. However, I never had physical relationship with my wife as she has a fear that it will pain a lot. She also understands the meaning of what she is doing to me, but feels helpless. I don’t know what to do. Do you can recommend me some medicine? Some time she wants to have sleeping pills or injection, which I don’t want to give. I am in trouble and don’t know where to go, or what to do. Even I don’t want to break this relationship because otherwise she is handling my family (parents) very well. Please revert I shall be thankful to you.

She is having fear of penetration. This fear is learned fear, she might have heard (e.g. from friend or colleague), seen (e.g. in movie etc.) or read (e.g. in book etc.) that it causes pain. You need to go slowly about it. First, you assure her that you are not going to penetrate without her permission and not going to cause any kind of pain to her. Engage in sexual activity without penetration (i.e. no intercourse). Once the comfort level increases try to go further, may be with finger initially and then penetrate. This may take 2 to 3 months also. If you not find this approach working then consult psychiatrist.     

Hello doctor, the problem is with my cousin sis. She has been brought up in a joint family, at the initial time her father, means my uncle wasn’t having any job so her bringing up depended on others. She didn’t even get proper care from her parents, was left on her own from before. She grew up wearing boy’s dresses and didn’t show any hint of being a girl from her appearance. Everyone over-looked thinking that it will be ok by time, but it got worsened. She had many with girls. Now she can’t accept herself as a girl and wants to go for a sex change. It has affected all of us badly. Because we being in a conservative middle class family can’t accept it and moreover she has left all attempts to recover from it. It will be of great help if you solve this problem. She has also attempted suicide many times. I beg u for her normal life Hope to get your reply as soon as possible… Thanking you.

Medically this condition is called Transsexualism. Physically she is female but psychologically she is male. Her nurturing must have played a major role in strengthening her psyche as a male than a female. Transsexuals are very determined for gender change and they can go to any extent for that. Although, some of them are satisfied with cross dressing only and others go to extent of surgery. Even suicidal attempts are common amongst them. However, one needs to rule out mental illnesses like Schizophrenia  in such cases. Consult Psychiatrist for further help.

Sir, recently I’m undergoing lot of mental stress. I’m in love with a person whom I think is the right person with whom I can spend rest of my life. But my parents are against this. They are not ready to speak either with him or his parents. I love him and my parents also. I cannot live without either my parents or him. I tried to end my life but no courage for that also. Please help me Sir.

Only option you are left with is to convince your parents, any how. Discuss with them at length without becoming argumentative and loosing your cool. You may take help of some one who have good influence on them. Set a time limit up to which you can wait, there after you have to decide between them, if it does not workout your way.

My wife had physical relation with one of her friends, but now there is nothing. Her friend told me about all their relations. I had beaten my wife badly. Now I am not able to cope with the circumstances. I have one 7 year old son. Shall I get separated or what I shall do? Please advice.

Decision of divorce cannot be taken only on this, you have to tell me details of your marriage life.