I have many questions to ask. But first I would like to ask about my emotional problem. I have completed my engineering in the year 2000.i worked for an institute but I had to leave the job because of my boyfriend’s behavior. He is less educated than me and a bit orthodox type. He loves me to the core but is overtly protective. I have not had a sound childhood due to fights between my parents and their lack of interest in me. Right now I am unemployed since 4 years and going into terrible depression day by day, my parents are old now and my boyfriend and I are just with each other for compromise sake. I am totally messed up with my life and feel like ending it. Please try to give me a solution for this.

You did not described which behavior of your boy friend compel you to leave job, why you are jobless since 4 years (you are not getting job or your boy friend is not allowing you to do the job) and why your relationship is on compromise mode.
Right now, what I can suggest you is to find out the job and start working.

Hello Sir. I’m 24. I’m a model. My height is 5’8. And I want my height 6 feet. So is it possible to increase the height. I have searched some websites mostly informed that with help of stretching exercises height can be increase to 3 t0 4 inches. Is it true and effective? I am afraid that with this exercise the length of my neck can increase. How to increase real height? Please suggest me.

It is not possible to increase your height at this age.

My wife treat me like a slave, we got love married, without understand her completely I got married; It is a great mistake I did in my life. I don’t have freedom myself. I have to ask her permission to speak with my own brother, parents and to my friends, even I cant able to send a mail to my friends. She never allows me to speak with my own brother’s wife via mobile. Even I have to ask her permission to watch TV or play with my desktop PC. And she doesn’t have smooth relationship with my parents, she doesn’t treat them good. She is always suspecting me and I am getting torture from her everyday. But she take care my health well. But I have no freedom to have a peaceful life. She is not willing to have a child, and also not willing to go to work, I have requested many times to her to go to work, but she is not accepted it, now she is a house wife and giving torture to me to come early from my office. I lost my life. She doesn’t allow me to have a mobile with me, she suspecting me, so she keeps my mobile with her. So my parents also can’t able to communicate with me alone. She is also accepting as she is torturing me and she ask for divorce and then she trying to suicide in front of me. One day we fight together and she decided to go to her home, every time I will do humble request to her, to live with me, but this time I have not requested her to live with me, after 1 hour she come to me and damaged my shirt and she hit on my chest after that as usual she entered in to a room and locked the door and she tried to suicide. Every time I will request & stop her suicide attempt. Last one month I am thinking to kill her. I want to kill her and go to Jail and I would like to place my life as a peaceful one. Also I am thinking about one more option, I would like to run away from her and make my carrier in some other place/city/country. I am not going to tell to anyone, where I am living. But in this option I am worrying about her, what she will do for her food and who will take care about her, since their parents are poor family, and she will never return back to her home. She will not come to any hospital, because she is very afraid about hospital. She will not come to consult with any psychiatrist. I am helpless, please advise me.

From your description about her, I suspect that she is suffering from Personality Disorder (probably Borderline Personality Disorder). It is condition where person (more common in female) shows certain personality traits, possessiveness, aggressiveness, suicidal threats, attention seeking behavior, suspiciousness etc are few of them. They are one of the most difficult people to stay with. You are required to consult psychiatrist even if she may not accompany you. You may take online counseling for your day to day problems with her.

Hello sir, Thanks for your service first. I have some complications from which I suffer a lot. I have to tell everything in detail to explain my problem. From childhood, mentally, I was very close to God. Also, I did my regular work well. I was very good in studies and other extra-curricular activities. Also, I was a dynamic girl at that age. And, I didn’t like marriage, to go to other’s house and to get adjust with them and also sexual life, even from my school days. I wanted to come up in life and earn more and to live independently and to spend my time in social service. These things were on somewhere at the corner of my brain as they are not important on those days. But, I do watch cinemas and like romantic movies. Also, I like my friends and I move socially with boys while studying in college. Everything was going smoothly. But, slowly, I wasn’t able to concentrate on my prayers, which I do regularly. Some bad thoughts which I didn’t want to think disturbed me while praying, but not so seriously. Then, I got disturbed often while I was doing other household works also. By that time, I used to do the things repeatedly thinking that I was erasing those thoughts. But, these things happened slowly so that I didn’t realise that I was in some problem. But, still, I was enjoying my life, studying, working, going out, watching TV programs, movies, hearing music and chatting with friends. Then, my parents decided me to get married. First, I opposed it very strictly and they tried to convince me. Though, I was not convinced I decided to agree it for them. Everyone is good in my husband’s family and I got adjusted with them. But, I was not at all having sexual feelings and didn’t show interest on it, but I accepted it for my husband and he is a person who has such feelings much. I got conceived and I struggled a lot by that time with the problem, I said before, why because, getting such thoughts was increased very much as I got married then. Then I gave birth to a female child and that happiness was also lost as I lost her within five months as she died of diarrhoea. Then, I was depressed very much and slowly, I came out of that. Then, I thought of going to job as it would be a good diversion. But, by that time also, I was suffering from that problem, but I was able to minimize its level as I had to spend lot of my time in office. Then, after a year, I gave birth to a male child. He is fine and 3 years old now. Nowadays, I could not tolerate the mental disturbance getting from those thoughts as I always stay in house to look after my child so I get them repeatedly. Not even a single second, I was not able to concentrate on praying to God, not able even to look at the idol. And one more thing, at the time of having sex with my husband, I get all god’s names and pictures in my mind so I just begin to hate myself and this is really a tragedy to me. What to do? Why I get sexual thoughts while praying and think of god at sexual moments. My husband has also got depression as I am not like a normal wife. I feel very bad on my part. I think of committing suicide daily, that too, many times. But, I won’t do that as I have to live for my son as mother is the best care-taker for a child. But, for how many days, Can I continue this struggle, how to overcome this, I don’t understand. Please give your sincere advice. Thanks.

You are suffering from Obsessive Compulsive Disorder. Consult psychiatrist nearby. It is curable.

Dear Sir, I got married 3 months before, one night I felt erection and also an urge to go to toilet. After coming from toilet I tried to do sex with my wife, but I didn’t get full erection. I tried twice but failed. I want to know that is it normal? Otherwise our sexual life is good, but I’m very confused that what happened that day..?

This is absolutely normal. You may lose erection sometimes without any reason. Do not give second thought to it and increase your anxiety, which in turn can cause performance anxiety and erectile dysfunction. Forget it and enjoy your sexual life.

Dear Sir, My problem is that whenever I do any activity I check it for 3-4 times. for example, When I do Lock or powered Off Eletrical Switch or Close Water nobe or do any mathematical calculation etc. I check it 3-4 times. I know that I did it correctly however I check again and again. Please provide me the solution.

These are symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder, mental illness due to chemical (called serotonin) disturbances in brain. You need to consult Psychiatrist for the treatment. There are medicines, which can correct Serotonin imbalance. He will prescribe them.

I am 22 year old boy. My height is 5.6 inch. And my weight is 55kg. To increase my weight I have joined a gym. There is nothing much improvement in my weight but my chest is looking like a breast. That’s why I left the gym. My friends tease me that my chest looks like a breast. It’s not too much, I can hide it by wearing shirt but when I am in simple baniyan it’s really embarrassing. Please advise me.

Your problem is called Gynecomastia. If you think that it is not too much then ignore it. You may seek Plastic surgeon’s opinion for it’s surgical correction.

Hi, I m a 19yr old girl. I am doing my graduation. I have a boyfriend who is 23yr old. He is a responsible man, caring. Gives me all freedom. I want 2 stay committed to him. He got a job this month and has been posted far away. He remains quite busy nowadays. Before, we used to talk about sex and all. But we never had sex. Now he has no time. Very heavy schedule. He is free only on Sundays. We just talk about our wellbeing. My problem is, I’m getting attracted towards another guy (8yrs eldr).He knows that I have a boyfriend. Still he wants me to believe that enjoying each other’s body is not wrong among friends. He says devote ur mind for career, heart for love and body for enjoying. He says that he has slept with many girls bt not fucked them. So he thinks that he is still a virgin!!. He says things so clearly that I get impressed. I know I m getting attracted 2 him for sex. I know I m doing wrong. But I m unable to neither resist him, nor can I avoid him. I met him today for 1st time. I had gone with a friend. He tried to touch here and there. I tried 2 avoid him bt cud nt resist. Now he insists to meet me alone. I’m afraid. He assures that he won’t do anything that I don’t allow. But again never misses any chance of exciting me. And I know that I would allow. How can I control myself??I mean, I just don’t want to cheat my boyfriend. I m getting selfish for my pleasure….I know I am doing wrong but don’t know how to control. Please help!!

When you know that you are doing wrong then why you want to go for it and invite guilt for the future?! Your boy friend is remaining busy in newly started job can not be the reason for cheating him. Second gentle man seems to be flirt and fraud to me (devote ur mind for career, heart for love and body for enjoying!!). He has slept with many girls and provoking you for the same shows his character. He is seeing you as sexual object and surrendering to him is foolishness. You will surely regret this in future. Looking to his ideas about enjoyment, having multiple relations in past and always trying to excite you; you should never ever trust him to meet him alone. Stop talking to him, immediately break the relationship and never try to explain him that why you are doing this, if you want to come out of this.

I am married woman having 3 years old daughter. Recently I got in touch with a boy from my college who had proposed me for marriage 10 years ago. I always liked him but did not admit at that time and we forgot each other. He is married now and having two kids. Even then, we are attracted to each other mentally and have started missing each other. How do we go away from each other now?

If you really want to go away, then break all means of contact. Both of you can agree upon this and stop contacting. You may find it difficult initially but time will drift you apart in absence of contact. Most of the time I have seen that people attempt such kind of measures only to resolve their guilt and are never interested in breaking up the contacts. I suppose, you are not one of them!

Hi sir, I am going get married very soon and very much confuse about my married life because I had physical relation with my boyfriend from last three years. But I heard somewhere that it’s easy to know that if you partner is virgin or not especially for man. So I am really scared to get married.

It is not easy to know that whether your partner is virgin or not accept through medical examination. However during the act if you respond like an experienced partner than doubt may arise. So if you want to hide it respond like a novice during the act.