I am from India and met an Indian guy who is been staying in USA for past 5 years through one of the matrimonial site. He has one younger sister who is now married and staying in Europe. We have been talking to each other from last nine month or so and I am very emotionally attached to him(thinking of living without him makes me horrible) and we were even planning to get married in three months time. Everything was going very smoothly until he told me that once before his sister’s marriage while she was coming out of the bathroom after bath her towel slipped and he got aroused seeing her. Later his sister told me that he even touched her private parts. When I enquired him about this, he told me that they even had sex that day and later continued this relationship until she got married. Moreover, even after her marriage they still had for a few times. And don’t regret having this relationship. He had earlier told me about all his girl friends and his experiences with them to me but this relationship with his sister has shocked me. Though this might be common in US but being from India, I am not able to take this lightly. Though he insists, (even she says so) that he loves me and wants to marry me. However, I am so shocked to learn this that I am not able to decide what I should do. I appreciate their honesty but thinking of sleeping on the same bed he used to sleep with his sister is making me sick. Please advice whether I should continue with him and marry him or leave him. Waiting for your reply

This is weird. Although sexual relationship amongst cousins is common but real brother/sister is shocking for anyone. If it is solely because of arousal on seeing her nude, it should have ended in guilt. Nevertheless, continuing it and that too after marriage is something truly unacceptable. Moreover, they are still justifying and trying to convince you is quiet disturbing. You sound to be very sensitive on the issue (there is nothing wrong in that) and hence won’t be able to forget this incidence. In that case, it is always better to leave him rather then remaining painfully attached. This decision might be painful at the moment but on longer run it will grant you peace.

I have a girlfriend 1 year younger then me. We came in contact 1,1/2year before. From 8months, before we get much closed and we had a physical relationship. She was virgin before that (I had got many physical relationship experiences before this).But 1/2 a week before I forced to tell everything about her past. she confessed she had also an experience of kissing and body touch with 5 guys when she was in intermediate but not up to physical relationship(that’s true).and from last 1 year she had left every thing for me that I don’t like. Now she is very faithful to me and every thing is fine. She don’t know anything about my past (I had lied her).but the problem past boyfriend lives near my house and he is my friend (not very close friend).once I asked him regarding there relationship. He confessed as she has told me and also advised me don’t think very much about these it was like an accident and had forgotten every thing about this. This guy had more physical relationship experience then me. Nowadays I don’t want to meet this guy but accidently when we met we talk to each other as usual but I got tensed and depressed very much. pls suggest me what should I do to overcome from this and I want to marry my girlfriend . So, should I marry her or not? She had very much faith on me and she once took me to her house and get introduced to her mom she had told everything to her mom about us

If you both are comfortable with each other’s past, you should go ahead. If she is unaware about your past then it is your moral responsibility to reveal that to her.
That guy is not your close friend, you may stop interacting with him if it is making you tense and depressed.

Sir is masturbation a habit or a natural thing if done everyday?

If it is not compulsion then it is natural.

I am not happy after marriage, I feel something is missing in my life, 4 months back I got married, we didn’t go out, we don’t have complete sex relationship, I stay with my in-laws, I am feeling alone in that house, I want to forget all these things and live happily.

You have all reasons to feel unhappy; anyone in your situation will feel the same way. You cannot forget all this instantly, only passage of time can make this possible and that too if situation improves. You should talk about your feelings to your husband and both of you have to find out solution jointly.

Greetings! Doctor sir, please tell me about HGH enhancers and HGH tablets for growth in human body. Which are good enhancers or HGH containing tablets? I need to get pretty taller, I am 5’9″, 21 years old, weighing 72 kg’s. Also I have lot of belly fat, and low lean muscles, and I all the time feel lack of energy and power, would you please name a HGH tablet or two, which can fit to my need?

You should not take any hormone replacement or modifier without consulting Endocrinologist. Consult him before you take HGH.

Dear Doctor, Let me first brief you about my past, then my family. Professionally am doing very well but my personal life has always never been so good. I hail from a middleclass family from Mumbai wherein time and money are given lot of Importance. I had got married in Oct 2002. however it got ended very fast as the girl changed her behavior immediately after marriage and started giving me abusive language for just one question she was checking her SMs and I peeped thru it and she blasted..What are u peeping like a dog?? We got mutually separated thru nullification of marriage. It was very painful for me but I overcame it and got legal separation papers by mid 2003. Then I just focused on my job. Then came a girl in my life from a simple family. She had no parents, only a Grandma and a small brother. I thought life will be smooth going now but somehow she started avoiding me and my family and used to rarely visit our place despite her staying very nearby. Then I found out that she had started lying about her whereabouts so after consulting my family we had to call it quits. This happened in 2004. I had to face society and decided not think about marriage. I got better prospects professionally and did well in my profession. In July 2006 I started browsing matrimonial site and met a girl from Delhi. I shared everything with her and laid all facts and expressed my desire to get married and live a decent life. I just expressed that please I need transparency in a marital relationship and no back stabbing as I had enough of it. It took some time for her to convince her parents but finally we got married in Mumbai on 14th Dec 2006. Actually she came from a family where she was having lot of freedom. Going out with friends (males and Females), movies etc. I had specifically mentioned her before marriage that I will support you in your studies(CA Final) however will not encourage your male friends as she dint have any professional relationship with them. This was agreed before marriage. After marriage after visiting her parents place I was made to understand by her mom that please be strict with her as she is too outgoing a girl. Her close relative also had given me a hint that she is a very stubborn girl and does not listen to anybody. Till august we had couple of fights but I dint agree to everything that she had to say. As I have and impression that she has not seen the outside world and gets influenced by friends very fast. As I know that from last 10 years she appearing for her CA exams but unable to clear. As she goes to library for studying but then ends up going out either for shopping or a movie. As she is 30 now I tried hard to explain her that please start focusing on whatever you are doing. But she gets fed up, bored very fast. She needs different things all the time. This is the main reason she just got into a fight with me on a very petty matter on 13th Aug and then stopped talking to me. Then she created a whole scene in front of my family especially when she knew my mom was about to be hospitalized the previous night. She continued her behavior till her parents had to come and took her back to Delhi. She is appearing for her Nov exams however I feel she just wanted freedom. As she did mention that she is bored of seeing my parent’s faces and my face. She also mentioned that there are a lot of restrictions in our family. It’s been more than a month now but still no communication has come fro her or her parents. I really don’t understand her and what is she up to. I had enough heartbreak in my past; however I took this relationship very seriously. I know one thing very clearly that I have to be strict with her as on all the previous occasions I had made the first move and brought things under control, even by apologizing though I was not wrong. However this time I have decided not to bow down, but fight back. Please guide me.

It is really unfortunate that you had these heartbreaks and top of that got a life partner who seems to have some personality problem. From what ever you described about your wife, I guess that she is having cluster II personality (that is what we psychiatrist will call). They are outgoing, stubborn, attention seeking etc. (more features you may find on www.) It is difficult do deal with such personality. Never give up to wrong demands, never apologizes for right things; just for the sake of stopping an issue and never challenge them are the rules to deal with them. 

Sir, my problem is that generally I forget suddenly whatever I see. E.g. If I go to a mall, I enter from the main gate but I forget what was written on the gate or just side of the gate. And I am also having problem of night fall (seeing sexual dream).Please suggest me. Thanks.

Normally this type of memory issues is because of some psychological problems like Anxiety, Stress, Depression, Attention deficit etc. I need more detail to answer your question in detail.
Night fall is normal and the best treatment for night fall is regular masturbation! Do not think that I’m joking but this is what sexual medicine say. Once you start regular intercourse or masturbation night fall will stop.

I have been in a long distance (1 hour apart) relationship for 8 years now. I am almost done school and have a great job. My boyfriend decided he wanted to start his own business a year ago and said he does not want to commit unless he has a stable income. However, I feel like he is not giving his business “his all” and sometimes I wonder if he will ever get himself together. I worry about his spending habits because he is always going out with his friends spending money on dinners and it makes me feel like he does not give a shit about saving up for our future together. Sorry about the swearing, I love the guy more than anyone and I know he feels the same, but sometimes I feel like maybe he is just giving me excuses and really he has doubts about us or something… or else why would not you commit after 8 years???!!!

I also think that he is giving you an excuse as his attitude seems different then what he intends (i.e. stable income). Moreover 8 years is quite long time for commitment. Talk to him on this issue in a very clear manner, expressing your concern and doubts.

I am 25, and graduate. Since some days I feel my family members are very much disturbed for me, they always think I am not happy. In these days I am doing nothing. I feel I am burden for them, I know that is not true, but my mind always think like that. I am looking very simple, dark complexion; I think they are worried for my marriage, how it will be done? I am also afraid, but I never said them. My bhabhi is very good looking, she is also very proud, I feel very guilty when I am going outside with her. My brother also changed, he always thinks I am wrong, and she is right. Many times I feel this is not my home. For these reasons I lost my mind. I always think negative and always want to die. I don’t want to live, but I have to live. No one needs me…..PLSSSSSSSSS SUGGEST ME, WHAT I WILL DO…….. THANX

You should not feel guilty because of some one’s good look and your average look; it is not in your hand. Complexion and look is nature’s gift. However, you can improve them to some extent. Try to accept what you have and find out other means of improving your self esteem. Find out some meaningful way to keep yourself busy.

Hi, I’m residing in New Delhi. I would like to seek advice relating to my mother. My mother gets very angry at times like she is having some kinds of anger bursts. It is also harming her health a lot. Its not normal anger bursts because she gets excited on very small topics and she being a High BP patient worsen her situation. I guess she needs some kind of anger management therapy. Can you please tell me if there are any Anger management centers in Delhi? I prefer centers rather than individual psychiatric counseling because it maybe more appealing to her as in some therapy is actually taking place rather than the same old counseling which to many is a waste of time , though I personally disagree with that notion.

Uncontrolled anger is one of the very important symptoms of many psychiatric illnesses. Impulse control disorders and Depression are most common amongst females. Her episodic outbursts and out of proportion quality is in favor of Impulse control disorder. In that case she requires medicines, preferably SSRI group of medicines. In addition Relaxation exercises like cooling pranayamas, omkar, savasan, makarasan, self hypnosis etc. can help her.