Your advise has helped me get along in past. I am highly qualified and my husband being in a transferable job, I kept picking up jobs as and when I got an opportunity, now he is in a very good post but the place is remote with lack of opportunities, I know I made choices in life and it is expected of me to make sacrifices, but with both children in a hostel, I feel depressed and a lack of purpose. It’s been six months now, I have tried walks, yoga, reading but I keep losing focus and lose interest in things that have to be done. I am a budding writer, but of late lost all motivation to write, I find excuses to get around doing things for myself, I’m also an artist, but even that I am not able to concentrate on. What is wrong with me, what do I do to keep going. Please help.

You might be suffering from Depression. You are doing everything which is needed to fight Depression. I mean exercises, meditation, yoga, reading etc. While continuing all these, you may seek professional help.