We got married in 1998. And till today I search for a peaceful moment but not getting. My mother in law always interferes in our married life. She always gives the wrong things in my wife’s mind. I have a son 8 years old and daughter 1 month old. When I married I was getting Rs.7k per month and now I am getting Rs.50K and in ten years I have my own house registered with my wife’s name, I have given my son in a good reputed school in Delhi, every year I take my family out for 10 days vacation, when ever she asked for gold jewelry I bought for her. I mean to say I tried to keep her happy in every way she needs. But she is fighting with me every time because of I care for my brother, my parents also. My parents and my brother are staying near to me 500 meters away from my home and I meet everyday with them. My wife and her mother telling why you meet everyday and why you care for them, let them enjoy their life on their own way , you have your family and you look after for your family only. What can I do sir, yes they can say if I only take care of my parents and brother but I care for my family too. My mother in law says to my wife you stay separately with your children and let your husband stay with his parents. I don’t understand how a mother can advise to her married daughter. I love my wife and children and also my parents and brother. How can I leave my parents and brother just to make my wife happy? What ever I do for her she doesn’t get happy, see can get happy if I leave my parents and bother aside. Tell me Sir who is right me or her. Where is God why God doesn’t help me to come across this problem? What is your advice, I like to maintain a peaceful life but for shake of peaceful life I get angry but afraid to tell anything to my wife , if I tell something then MAHABHARAT starts ,I don’t want to discuss this with my parents also. Because they love my wife so much but they don’t know the reality what I am facing in real life. Please advise I have written this with a great hope. What is the solution for this?

Your wife should understand this. If she does not understand the worth of your care then you need to make her understand by making her aware about things which you have done and are doing. Honestly convey her that you are interested in peaceful and harmonious relationship and do not want her mother’s interference in any case. Do not allow your in-laws to enter in your personal life. If your wife is bringing them in between, stop responding them. Try to be indifferent to them. You do not have to afraid to tell right things to your wife in any case. Never succumb to emotional blackmailing by your wife or your in-laws.