We got married before 6 months. My wife wanted to go for a job but I did not allow her, from that day she is not talking to me properly. We fought one day and she left home. After one week I brought her home from that day approximately one she doesn’t like when I touch her and she doesn’t talk to me properly. I told her that you can go for job but now she refuses. She made a boundary around her. She wrote in her dairy that she hates me. She told me she doesn’t have any feelings for me. I don’t know what to do. Should I continue with this relation or not? I’m in a big stress.

She is showing her oppose to your decision in indirect way. Apologize to her honestly and ask her to forgive for hurting her. Discuss with her not to prolong this. After this honest efforts do not give importance to this. Even after this if she continues to show her attitude then don’t go out of the way to please her. Otherwise she will seek more attention, throw tantrums and that too in every small matters.