The institute in which I study had recently organized a cultural event in which a local rock band by the name of ‘NATIVE RULES’ came to perform. I had never before seen a rock show in my life. I decided to enjoy it to the fullest, and with this purpose in mind, I drank heavily. However, the authorities caught me and my ID card was taken from me. On the other hand, 60% of the people present they were drunk. I am now being threatened with the consequence of being thrown out of the institute. I am a good student. My parents will not be able to bear such a shock. Sometimes, I even think of suicide. What shall I do?

It was unfortunate that you were caught while there were so many others like you. You should honestly present the same thing (as you have written here) to authorities and sincerely apologize for your behaviour. You should also assure them for not repeating same thing in future. Tell them your parent’s position on disclosing this fact to them and convey them how ashamed you feel. Finally say sorry, sorry, sorry…..and mean it too. Any sensible person will forgive you If you have good reputation  otherwise.