Thanks Doctor for your remedies, May god bless you and all your wishes come true. Here my issue comes. I m 23 years old married female. My attitude is getting negative for life day by day. I m happily married, have a nice husband and a good family. There are no problems in my life still I keep on crying the whole day. I am unhappy and not satisfied in my life. I keep on thinking negative and negative. My mood keeps on changing, at once I m laughing and at once I m getting angry over something. I feel very irritated sometime. just want to run away somewhere. I am unable to concentrate for even a single minute on my studies also. Am I going through depression? What could be the cure of this? I keep on reading positive attitude books/newspaper articles/keep surfing positive articles on net/watching spiritual channels but they are showing no effect. I want peace of mind and want to concentrate on my studies very well. I feel my mind has stopped working! My performance isn’t upto the marks…what should I do?

You might be suffering from Depression or mood swings. Start doing physical exercises like walking, jogging, swimming, gym etc and mental exercises like Meditation, Shabasan, positive autosuggestion etc. Mild mood disturbances get clear with exercises. If negativity and sadness persists after 6 months then think of starting Antidepressants after consultation with Psychiatrist.