Sir, we are 19 years married couple. Love each other a lot. As diabetic patient my husband was not performing well during intercourse. In love making he is good. 10 days back I came to know he is involved with other women from last 2 years. When I corned him he told me that he was going for physical pleasure. Now he has realised his mistake 3 days back. And want to come back. It is not easy for me to accept him and sure that it is not easy for him to come out from those dirty places as all were prostitutes. What should I do now and suggest me how can I stop him by going there. He assured me that he won’t do it again. I am very upset now days. Please help me.

First of all, get his blood test done for HIV as he has history of exposures to commercial sex workers. You cannot stop him going there except he himself decides and stick to his words. Do not forgive him unconditionally and wait for few months before you normalize from your side. This will give you the time to confirm that he has really stopped his bad habit.