Sir, this is the site I am really in need of. Your service deserves high applaud. I am 27 years graduate male and doing job which I am satisfied with. I have been succumbed to mental conflicts from nearly last 7 years i.e. since my college days. I am highly introverted, mentally not independent and timid in nature too. I often think of committing suicide as I am not useful for others and even not for me. My thinking became very narrow and after getting job I became very crazy about woman. My mind faces a strong flow of thoughts almost useless for me which are no way in my control. Day and night I think about sex (but no affairs). My father is a good thinker and guide who is no more for me. I always feel guilty of my thoughts and my uselessness. I never share my feelings with anybody as they are very unclear and absurd. I have friends but even with them I can’t tell about my mental struggle. And I feel I am unfit to get married and no confidence in me in managing the family. My situation sometimes is next to hell. I have already consulted with a psychiatrist for my neurotic problems. I was prescribed with some medicines which gave me some relief and good sleep. But I stopped them after some using 6 months. Cursed with a volatile behavior and unfair thinking I always feel I am less than anybody in the world. I am easily attracted to others. Think very seriously even about minute things. Really I am surrounded by a vicious circle of thoughts. They became more horrible than the real problems of life. Please advise me.

You need personality work up as most of your problems narrated here are linked up with your personality. You may have some Anxiety Disorder also. The best thing you can do is to go back to your psychiatrist and discuss issues at length. You may require psychotherapy, coping skills training in addition to medicines.