Sir plz help me in this situation. I’m a married woman with 2 kids. My husband is a business man and he doesn’t have interest in other activities. We live in the same house but we don’t share anything not even bed these days. He doesn’t come to me. Reason doesn’t know, may be stress or workload. I was feeling neglected so to be busy I started chatting. I met a person who became my best friend. He wanted to meet me so we met after 1 year. After this meeting he told me he loves me. He knew I was married and had kids but he says age doesn’t matter in love. I’m about 12 yrs older to him. But I look young coz of my body built. My husband was neglecting me and I had this person to share what I felt so we became very close. He tells me he loves me deeply and I also enjoy his company. We chat 4 long hours. I also like him a lot. Few days back my husband slapped me coz I was helping my mother and took her for her work. My father is bed ridden so my mummy needs help from me. I cried that day a lot. Then decided there was nothing left in our relationship. I decided to say I love to this fellow who met me on chat. Now we use cam also. Everyday he sees me and says I love u. I have developed a special bond with him. I don’t want to leave him as he is my big moral support. He told me to be busy so I joined gym and look more beautiful but my husband doesn’t notice me at all. I want love in my life. Sir plz advice me being close to this guy, am I doing something wrong? If he goes out of my life there would be no reason that will make me happy. I’m educated women and independent. People appreciate me wherever I go 4 my good nature but my husband always find a fault in me. I’m single person who has brought up his children without his help. I do all for my family but only got scolding from him. On the other hand this fellow appreciates me a lot so I get confidence. plz advice dear sir what should I do? Continue this relationship or put an end to this? I need your guidance sir plz help me

You are longing for love and appreciation. Your friend is giving you what you need; naturally you will feel attached to him and on long run, will be emotionally dependent on him. If you want him to continue then avoid sexual relations with him. It has been seen that in such relations once sexual desire is fulfilled, most of the male will start loosing interest. Even in absence of sexual encounters, he may start running away from you but at least he will stay longer. Be prepared to accept that any time he may leave and enjoy the relations. However, when chance permits please clarify with him that there would be no sexual relations between two of us.