Sir my mother in-law is suffering from a unique problem for the last 12 years. The problem started when the elder brother of my father in-law died of a heart-attack in 1997. My mother in-law shocked with this incident and an unknown fear, suspicion, anger comes to her life. My father in-law and his brother were working in different region of this state and they built a building together in a small city and decided to live together there. But as the elder brother died the widow of elder brother not allows the younger brother family to stay in that building and advice them to renovate a servant quarter in the same complex and stay there. My father in-law is a very innocent and down to earth person. So he decided to renovate the servant quarter and turn it to a home and stayed there. But they always seem to be making a good relation with the elder family. As day passed my mother in-law started showing some unique behaviour like shouting at the widow, my father in-law for his foolishness and sometime it continues several hours like 10 hours 12 hours constantly. Last six years the senior members of the two families never visit each other. But only the children are maintaining the relations. My mother in-law always used to suspect my father in-law and never allow him to go out of her sight and continuously abusing him. But whenever any guest come to the house she becomes normal and so I come to know about her problem just last year when my father in-law weeping before me. He confessed that from the day he lost his brother he is living a life of hell and he just lives looking at the face of children. The main problem with my mother in-law is that she suspects her husband with anyone around from the opposite sex. And she forced him to confess anything she imagine and torture him. Due to this mental agony my wife never used to visit her parents and sometime she forcefully take her father to our home to stay few days. So please advise us how we can overcome this situation. Whom we should meet–a psychologist or a psychiatrist? Moreover we should have to visit the specialist without informing mother-in-law or she should not be aware of that she is taken to a psychologist, otherwise she would be angry.

She is suffering from Paranoid psychosis, probably Schizophrenia. Consult Psychiatrist nearby. You may go without her and seek advice for further steps.