Sir, I was a law student at a reputed law college in India. Unfortunately 3 years ago my parents passed away in a motor accident. As if it was not enough I walked in on my long term boyfriend cheating on me with my best friend. These series of episodes broke me down to the extent that I lost interest towards life. I did not give my exams in spite of the fact that I was an above average student. Now I suddenly realize that I had let go of my life which I should never have. My studentship has been canceled and I have no clue what to do. I feel I have no one to blame but myself for my acts. Never the less I presume it’s a little too late for the blame game and would appreciate if I was suggested a course of action to be taken so that I could be able to complete my law graduation and peruse a career as finance is also a major issue. Please Help!!! and for this I shall remain ever obliged, Thank You

It is good that you have realized. You can join that course again or equivalent. You may start working simultaneously, may be part time; to support yourself financially. Alternatively, you can pursue your law through distant learning or as an external student and start doing job.