Sir, I’m male 23 working as Engineer. I don’t have siblings from birth. I wish for elder sister affection from my young age (14). I feel I miss elder sister care in my life. Whenever I have troubled moments in my life, I assume that I’m under the caring arms of the elder sister. This has come into practice, so I spend much of my time thinking that I have a sister in my difficult moments. Whenever I see any calm & homely girl I wish that she could have been my elder sister. I’ve gone to extent of searching sisters even in the chat. I’ve got some neighbor sister’s & sisters through chat. I always feel that I should be under their caring arms in my worries. This makes me feel I’m like a child. Even I have gone to extent of writing short poems on sister… I always think on improving my sister community…. I know this is a good part of me, but sometimes if I feel I don’t get the affection I feel upset. I know those sister are not from my birth, they can’t remain All through my life. But I wish that they should treat me equally to their younger brother. Can u suggest me how can I find comfortable.

You seem to be almost obsessed about having a sister. You must be having cousin sisters, try to establish warm relationship with them. You can not make some one to treat you affectionately, what you can do is love them honestly; affection will bounce back.