Sir I’m in love with a guy. He also loves me like anything. We both are sincerely in our love but the problem is we both are very short tempered and often we are getting into fights. We ourselves don’t know what words we are choosing at the point of anger. The main point is he rarely gets angry but I often get angry and burst out with very sensitive words which hurt him like hell. I many a times realized and I will be controlling myself, but at one point of time I’m behaving like this. I can understand and I feel bad for what I had done. I’m very much worried that this activity is spoiling our relationship. I’m ready to do anything for him. I want to get rid of my short temper please help me sir.

You have to do lot of introspection to find out reasons behind your anger. heredity, feelings of frustration, current life situation, stress etc are some of them. If you find any reason then try to correct it. There is a condition called impulse control disorder in which you get aggressive outbursts without reasons. Which can be treated with medicines.