Sir, I’m in love since 3 years. He is quite good looking, handsome. He is a nice guy. I trust him blindly. My question is not for him but it’s for my parents. My parents are not agreeing my relation with him. I can’t survive more. Papa told me that he will going to arrange my marriage with any other boy but not with him. Sir, I know his all habits all about him. Before I entered in his life he has relation with other girl, he smoke at that time but now he has totally changed. In these 3 years he never smokes any single time. He became steady in his life and now how can I leave him? I just Love him really. I don’t know what should I do? I already gave him a suggestion that please take me away from here but I refused because he thinks that my parents are hurt because of it. What should I do, sir? I can’t live without him and he too vice versa. The plus point is, his family is agreed to our relation but he can’t hurt my family. Please Sir tell me what should I do?

You have not mentioned that why your father is against him? I need to know that to suggest anything.