Sir, I looked at your response for others. I really liked it. My problem – I’m at 28 now, I used to help others, take care of others and understand other’s feelings well. 2 years back I mentored a college intern 23 yrs of age. I took extra care and mentored her. she got recruited to company. As per her interest, she relocated to different place. I used to check with her often – personally & officially on how are things going. She used to share lot with me and feel good. But as time goes, I felt that I have to be behind her. This made me feel bad. I used to travel to her location often, may be twice in 4 months. Earlier, she used to meet me when I go there. But later it got reduced, I have to visit her. I expressed, I feel bad that I have to be behind you, she said okay she will take care in future. But this didn’t happen. When there is a need for my support, she will call me. I used to voluntarily help her for project, she will accept it and she will express happily to others, but not to me. I started buying books, candies etc and gave to her. 1st time, she accepted. But later she told – she doesn’t have practice of getting gifts. However, I know that she gets it from her close friends, which she shared to me some time ago. I used to invite her for coffee, lunch etc, always she has ignored me. She used to say – she is not planning to take now, but she will go with her friends. All these keep me feeling bad. I did conveyed that I want to break the relationship, I have expressed that I will feel good if the relationship has blend of personal and official touch. Then she tried to recover the relationship back. I’m still continuing to her support in personal side as well as official side. Again, as time goes, things didn’t turn around good. I feel that she is not able to understand me. Internally my wish is to make her life partner. I wish to say that, but if I say – I won’t be able to face her. I need to work with her for some other projects. Still I have a soft corner for her, but really this makes me to feel bad and I feel ignored, keeps me bothering. Should I need to break the partly personal built relationship & make strict official moves / convey my internal wish…. / just leave it?

You have a soft corner for her that is your problem and not her. You cannot expect same feelings from her (you may wish for the same!). Accept that she exploits you when she needs your help and avoids you rest of the time. To stop getting exploited is in your hand. Best thing is to stay away from her.