Sir, I have two problems: 1. the first is regarding my girlfriend (21). We have been in a relationship for almost 3 years now (long distance). I found out recently that she masturbates a lot (around once every 2 days) if given the space and time. This she does by watching porn movies. I was always under the impression that she does it once or twice a month. When she told me this, I started shivering and felt very restless. I was not happy. I felt that she could call me up and maybe use me for her sexual pleasure. The thought that she can derive sexual pleasure without me agitated me too much. I have not revealed my feelings to her because I know that my thoughts are too control-freak-like. I know that masturbating is normal but I cannot bring myself to terms with her doing it. My problem is not with right or wrong but with acting right because I know that this is not a big deal. Another reason why I do not like it is because I feel that during the sex she does not orgasm that easily. I am OBSESSED with satisfying her sexually. And I think orgasm during sex is extremely important for a girl who masturbates so much. So the thought that I am not able to satisfy her is also driving me crazy to such a great extent that I am thinking of going for a penis enlargement surgery! Please help me deal with this situation. 2. My second problem is related to my self confidence and my father. Dr, I have not done anything in the past 6 years which could make my parents rally unhappy. My father is extraordinarily intelligent and he wants the same out of me. But I disappointed them (more my father) when I did not get into IIT. I got into a mediocre college compared to IIT and I was am mediocre student in that college also. Next they expect me to get into IIM but I did not do well in the CAT exam also. I will pass out of college in 5 months and I do not have a job. Nothing that I have done is of any significance to anybody. It is as if I am the definition of mediocrity…but my father expects too much out of me and I have not been able to deliver anything. I don’t feel like eating food, driving a car; sleep on a bed because I feel I don’t deserve anything. I feel that I should be left on the streets to live alone until I do something which might make my parents happy. Moreover, I have become exceedingly absent minded lately. I cannot see the things lying in front of me; I forget something that someone tells me within 7 seconds etc. So please tell me how I can live despite being so mediocre. Thank you.

You need not to undergo any surgery to satisfy her. In fact she should seek professional advise to handle her compulsive masturbation under pornographic stimulation. Normally women who are habitually masturbate, are having problems with orgasms.
As far as your career issues are concerned you seem to have Depression. You need undergo counseling by Psychiatrist.