Sir, I have question that how can I devote concentration at one time at one work? Actually from the last couple of months I can’t concentrate in my studies and part time work because I am always distracted with the social networking sites like facebook , watsapp etc. These all are I feel useless and waste of time but it is also on the other side necessary for some emergency!! I have a major doubt that I can’t control my emotions regarding these kind of social netwroking sites. I am very much in trouble, I didn’t know my emotions are conveyed to you or not!!! but I am in trouble and can’t find any solution !!

Distraction caused by social networking is very common now a days.It eats up lot of your time and attention. If you donot have control over an urge to look at it frequently, either you need to log out from that platform or set your privacy settings so that people cannot post or tag you. This can reduce your distraction if you are not keen on gossips or not full of curiosity to know what others are up to. If you are considering emergency messages as a necessity then you can have many other options like phone call or smses or less popular networks where the oppurtunity of distraction is low.
If i have to give one word solution to this then that word would be “self control”.