Sir, I have a friend who is very close to my heart and we share a wonderful bonding. We were in class 10th when our friendship started. We share almost every thing in our life. Be it family problem or whatever. We are best of friends and from my part to which my friend always agrees. I have done things for him be it going completely out of the way. We used to plan our birthday bashes together a week before. This was till 12th. After that we got admitted in different colleges, both of us in Delhi and still in good touch. The problem started from November 2007. He has a girlfriend since then. She too is a very good friend of mine and we share a healthy friendship, the three of us. But it is like that she is now much closer to him and this disturbs me a lot. This might sound kiddish but he even forgot my birthday last year. But it hurts. I have never complained about me being helping him all the time. Actually I have never needed his help like he did, I still don’t complain. But again being kiddish, he doesn’t even invite me on his birthdays and things now mostly revolve around her. I have talked to him about this but to this he says that I feel so because I don’t have a girlfriend and the day I will have one I will behave in the same manner. But I feel that a friend has a separate place which a girlfriend can never take and vice a versa. In fact it’s not that his girl provokes him to do so. What hurts the most is that I have been with him since 4 years and she hasn’t even spent 2 years like I have. Most importantly I am sexually straight.

At certain phase of life, girl friend always scores higher. Your friend is true in that sense but forgetting your birth day or not inviting you on his birth day has nothing to do with that. I think this is the time you should take a back seat and stop expecting like past. There will be a time your relations will blossom again.