Sir, I am writing to you for the fourth time. As I mentioned earlier mine is a distant relationship with a man of 36 years. I am 28years old and we are in relationship for the last 3years. Sir, for the past 1month I’m facing lot of problem in my relationship. The guy I’m into relationship has 2elder sisters and 1younger sister and brother. I would like your help in understanding the nature of the guy I’m in relationship with. He thinks a lot of his sisters, as I mentioned earlier, we are not getting married till his younger sister gets married and I have no choice except to accept it. The problem is if I’m not well and his sister is not well, he is worried more of his sisters who are already married. The actual problem is I have a gynec problem and I’m supposed to undergo a minor surgery at the same time one of his sisters who is already married with kid has a cyst in her ovaries and has this problem for quite some time. When I told him about my problem he said, that is a simple problem when compared to my sister. When he stated this I was hurt, but somehow I kept quite. But couple of days back he quoted saying Thank God, I am relieved out of tension as my sister problem is resolved. I felt hurt. I questioned him stating when I am into problem you were not worried and concerned, why is that different. When I said the same thing, he got angry and since then he is not answering the call. It’s hurting me a lot. I changed myself for him, only to ensure that he is happy. He never thinks of our relationship or the future of relationship. All the time he is only worried of his family. I don’t even get to talk to him after coming home in the night because he states that he wants to give time to his mother. When I ask him what about me, he says this is how I’m. If you want to be with me, you have to accept me the way I’m. Sir, he is 36years old, he has fulfilled all his responsibilities as son and brother, and I am still supporting him by waiting for him till his sister gets married. When I question him or ask him why don’t you call me or message me, why aren’t you concerned of me he gets angry and he disconnects the call. When I try calling him he doesn’t answer. He wasn’t like this before, I still remember him saying that I am tired of all the responsibilities just give me 1year and I will be with you. But these days, he is not bothered of me and this hurts me a lot. Please help to make him understand that even I am part of him and he should be worried of me. How do I make him realize what he is doing with me is wrong, the way he is behaving with me hurts me. When I say all these, he is not ready to listen. Please tell me what I should do. Please help me Sir.

I’ve told you to rethink about this relationship. He does not have respect for your feelings instead he says this is the way he is! He is taking you for granted; now you have to decide that how much and how long you are going to take this?!