Sir, I am very grateful for this service. I am a 3rd year student of an engineering college. I know one of my seniors in our college from very 1st day. As he was our family friend too, I became very close to him. At the end of my 1st year he left our college and joined an MNC (in another state).Then I had realized what a tough moment was that. I realized I can’t live without him. But he was committed with another person. And he considered me as his sister. Hopefully he could understand my feelings .So he had not meet me before his going. But after 2 months I found him online in Google talk. He gave me his new contact number and we usually talked in weekend. Some body forced me to keep relation with him. But it was not possible. After some days he started to tell about his girlfriend. How much he misses her..Etc.. That day I could not control my feelings. I expressed and I was weeping simultaneously. He said he had become happy because I told him everything. And he will be my friend after this also and he will keep contact with me as before. Then 6 months passed. But we talked very often, maximum 2 or 3 days. One day he asked me in orkut ‘how am I, why don’t I call him like before. A little hope in me was developed again. I did not let him understand. But again suddenly he started to make me realize the facts as like before. Why do I think about him, it is not possible.etc. That day I told him ‘I don’t think about you now, I don’t want to call you even I don’t have any queries about you’ but at the end he said ok, good night, sweet dreams. I felt very sad and could not accept. I asked him to stop this and not to keep any contact with me because he doesn’t deserve that. He put off the phone. But I could not feel secure. I thought he might have taken that as a joke. I called him again after 7 days and said sorry. He just switched off the phone, and said his mood was not ok to hear those stupid things. I had fever and my blood pressure was low. My parents had to face many problems After being cure I called him again then he said his girlfriend does not like that he talks with me. Then I should not call him further. Now also I can’t sleep in night, can’t concentrate in my work even can’t eat properly. Every moment I feel somebody is playing with my feelings. And I feel to fight with my weakness.

You have developed emotional dependence on wrong person. He is playing with your emotions. Accept this fact and stop contacting him.