Sir, I am very grateful for this service. I am a 2nd yr student of a reputed engineering college. I know one of my senior from 1st day of my college. He is also our family friend. From very beginning, he helps me in many problems in college; he supported me in many cases. When I came to know he is committed with another person, I felt very sad. Now he passed out from our college and doing job in a MNC. Still he keeps contact with me. He thinks me as his sister but he can understand I have feelings for him. I like to spend time with him. I can’t stay without him. He has his past relationship still on.

It seems that you have developed dependence on him and soft corner too! If he is already seeing some one and considering you as his sister, then do not misinterpret his relationship with you. If you are not able to control your feelings then reduce interaction with him.