Sir, I am really in a very bad condition because of our relation. We got married 11 yrs back. We have very good sex life as we have almost daily and healthy also that time he looks satisfied and happy also. If he is around we have daily but he has to be away at least 15 days away because of job requirement. He is always fond of xxx movies. When I was at home he pretended like he did not like these movies. As he used to peep also to watch other woman and he promised he will leave this bad habit. Recently I went for vacation and after coming back I found he surfed so many porn sites .I don’t mind it but when I told him he just lied and started fighting with me in a abusive manner. I don’t know why he hides and don’t want to tell me that he is fond of these. One thing more I have got serious doubt that he had sexual relation with his mother. How will I check all these things? Secondly his mother used to have sexual relation with small boys as he told me in very intimate moments. In first 4 years he was his moms boy but after 4 years of marriage he got bitter relationship with his mother. Once he told me I got one black chapter in my life but he did not tell me what? His behaviour is very strange when we had good sex he is in good mood and does everything good for me but when he fights like this his level becomes so abusive and he says everything bad for me as I m not of good character and more worst. if I don t want to listen on the phone he will try all phone connected to my place and after some days of fighting he comes to me and cry and says I cannot live without you, forgive me. But its time really I m very disturbed and got so many diseases because of tension. I want to die but have to live for my 2 kids. I m really disturbed with everything what should I do with him.

From your description what I guess is, he might be having voyeurism. It is one kind of sexual deviation, in which person gets sexual pleasure by viewing woman’s sexual parts, erotic pictures, movies etc. Over and above this, he may have personality issues. His problem seems to be deep rooted, psychiatric consultation can help him.