Sir, I am in love with one girl, but she already have boyfriend. She knew it that I love her. We were good friends but problem started when I came to know that she is having another friend who is working in our office only. I objected her behavior towards him, but she said like you he is also my friend. After that our office location changed (not her friend’s). There she and her boyfriend started receiving some abusing and vulgar mails from my IP (PC). But she didn’t tell me that. I also started receiving some mails, threatening me to keep away from her. I couldn’t make complaint because it was also same from my PC only. After some days I got mail in which my & her pictures were there, which was nude (edited). He threatened that he will send these photos to my home. I ignored it but he really sent it to my home, it was my luck that no one had opened it. Again I got mail, asking me for 20000rs otherwise he will send this picture to her boyfriend and her home. She also doubted me only because she is also getting mail from my pc only. I paid 20000rs as I have no choice. After that I started receiving mails from my friend’s ID only I was shocked when I told her about it she said I only hacked her password and I am only doing all these. I asked my friends help who is in police also, he sent a mail to email address from which I am getting mail, that he should stop all this otherwise he will be in trouble. After that I stopped getting mail. But my friend’s behavior towards me is very harsh, she hates me. I couldn’t laugh from last 6 months. I think I am psychic. Don’t know what to do?

If your mail ID was hacked then you should have complained earlier to authorities. You did another mistake by giving 20000, instead you should have done police complaint. When she is involved with other guys and having hatred towards you, you should try to come out of this relationship.