Sir, I am in love with a girl of 23 years and our relationship is for the last 3 years. 3 years back i had proposed her for marriage and even gone to her home but her parents refused and told that they will get her married after her completion of graduation. Sir I have no father and mother so my relatives said me to marry asap but she promised me that if I can wait she must marry me after 3 years whether her parents accept me or not. I am waiting for her for the last 2.5 years we were regular in contact on phone and now the problem is that she started ignoring me. Earlier she would contact me twice or thrice a day but now I am the only one to cal her but whenever I call even in late nights her no. is going busy. Whenever I call and say that I want to talk she always say she is busy. Sir I had lost my three years and my all relatives even my sister’s love, for her only. I am totally depressed and even now my relatives and my family didn’t want to see me. Is she still loves me or she want me for her needs only. Her graduation is about to complete but she is now saying that she thinks that she needs more time to marry. Sir you understand 3 years of life and family and relatives all get far away. Sir I really love her from my core of heart. Am I too bad that after doing all this she will leave me?

If she has started ignoring you then there are all possibilities that she is shifting from her commitment. You should talk to her in black and white regarding her plan to marry with you. At the same time show your preparedness to accept ‘no’ so that at least she has freedom to tell you. Otherwise, in spite of ‘no’ in her mind she would keep on playing with the issue.