Sir, I am having problem of dissociation with friends and family. I am not able to enjoy my life. I have always been a very bubbly person and used to be happy all the time before. I have been out for studies for 2 years and there I became very lonely and depressed. But its 6 months now that I have returned home, still I’m not getting normal. Also I want to tell you that I tried to change my relation with dad and mom for good but I guess it has backfired me and now I’m not comfortable at all. I feel completely strength less to go back to them too. I feel I have lost desire in sex too. Please help out! I am trying to meet people, see movies and all but of no use. I’m not getting myself back. My family people are also treating me as I’m a different person. It is becoming a cycle where I’m not able to get love because of lost self but which is further ruining me. Please help. Should I go for medication or what else should I do to gain back myself, my relations, and my life? Please help!

You should consult Psychiatrist as your problem may have roots connected to your personality, life events and surroundings. This requires in depth analysis.