Sir I am from Delhi. I am 32 yrs unmarried, my height is 5.3feet. My problem is from the early age of 14, I have been doing masturbation. Earlier it was lesser in number. However, as I grew up excitation increased. I used to masturbate three to four time in a week. Is it very harmful to my body? My penis size is not well grown, only 4and 1/2 inches after erection. I fill guilty about what I have done in past. However, I cannot stop myself doing masturbation. When I saw a girl, I start thinking about her body and start masturbating. That is why I cannot talk to a girl or middle-aged woman freely as I have an intention in my mind always. Can it be stopped? How can I be able to encounter a girl/woman freely as others do? I have also an ill feeling about my penis. Can I be able to satisfy my wife .Please suggest.

Masturbation is normal physiological act and it does not cause harm. You should not feel guilty about your normal physiological urges. Attraction towards opposite sex is normal but compulsion to masturbate is unhealthy. Self control is required to overcome this thinking pattern.
Your penile length is an average. Always remember that Female’s sexual satisfaction does not depend on penile length. It depends upon your love & affection for her, quality of intimate moments, warmth in relationship and many other nonsexual factors.