Sir I am a well educated lady of 33yrs from a metro city, my question is how many times can a person fall in love?? I m married since 13yrs and with 2 kids, after my 2nd kid I had a relationship with my brother in law whom I met just once a year , but being hurt by him I am again in a relationship with one of my students very young to me. But now I feel he is the one who understands me the best because my husband has never touched my heart and soul although he is a very good person and I respect him a lot. I would like to inform u that I am very much responsible as a mother, a wife and a daughter in law and have a very high social status but am sometimes thoughtful because of the self evaluation I get into. I ask myself whether I am characterless for being involved into three relationships at the same time. But sometimes I feel that being emotionally vacant since the start of my life has made me go this way. Can u just analyze the things and tell me whether I am right or wrong. For your information I would like to add I had sexual relationship with my brother in law for 3 yrs because my husband has never satisfied me, and in the new relationship with my student over the phone we are going the same way.

What I get from this small information is, you are emotionally deprived as well as dissatisfied with your physical life. Probably you are looking for warmth and understanding that you have not been able to receive from your husband. Physical and emotional dissatisfaction are two important reasons for women to fall for someone, so relationship you call love is a result of this dissatisfaction.