Sir, I am a Hindu girl in love with a Muslim guy from past two years. I was born and brought up in a city of Gujarat while he is from Kerala. Both of us are basically from Kerala. The problem is that from past few months I am not able to focus on the relation. Whenever I am with him I am sad thinking about my parents. I am a very free thinker with lot of dreams. As such he is very supportive but he irritates me with his behavior like pulling down my t-shirt and checking my dress every time I go out. He doesn’t like me wearing things that he is opposed to. It kind of affects my freedom. I am also scared of the cultural difference between our families since they are very orthodox. I want to expand beyond what I am but he is not like that. But there is no question that he loves me like anything but there is a difference in our mentality. It is turning into depression and confusion. I don’t know what to do. Please help me.

It is too late to think about your parents and cultural differences, you should have thought about this before you got into relationship. This is not something which has come up with spending time together; these issues are always there when Hindu-Muslim starts seeing each other. As far as orthodox nature of your in laws is concern, it is a cultural difference between two community and you have to accept it and live with it. I do not understand that what kind of love it is where he is not ready to give you freedom to wear and express yourself? You have to compromise on many issues. If you are ready, go ahead otherwise just rethink about your decision of getting married to him.