Sir, from the last five months I am experiencing a severe depression and headache. All this has happened due to the following reason: The incident happened when I went to Rajasthan for my engagement purpose. On 10th April-09 when I was about to leave my home to see the girl I got a phone call from a strange guy. He told me that the girl you are going to see I am in love with her and we are roaming together. I have told this to my parents they told me that somebody has just given a fake call; you first see the girl and meet her then only you come to know about the actual story. Since they have already liked the girl, I went with my own and cousin brothers. I met her and she told me that she was not aware about the phone call. At that time I made up my mind to say no as apart from phone call which has created a doubt in my mind, I didn’t like the girl much and I told this to my brother as this is the case .After that due to my brothers and aunt pressure I have said yes. After coming from Rajasthan this doubt that who has given the call disturbed my mind and I fell into depression. I was so much tensed that I was not able to sleep properly. I thought that I should have taken more time. I have said yes under pressure with little time, I must have said no, why my brothers put me under pressure as they have taken this issue lightly or I should not had left home when the phone call came or I should have enquired about the phone call. Finally the engagement is broken after two months. The guy who has given the call is still a mystery. Even though this relationship is broken all these past events keep coming in my mind and disturbs me. I have lost my self belief, confidence and the self image in my family. That day keeps coming in my mind and disturbs me a lot. One bad decision has caused me so much. I didn’t imagine in my whole life that such thing could happen to me. Please advise and help me to come out from this otherwise I would not be able to concentrate on my next engagement. I have got a high regards for you.

I agree that you made a mistake by taking such an important decision of your life under someone’s pressure. But now that you have rectified your mistake by breaking an engagement you should stop thinking about it. you are already out of this. Try to look forward in your life and move ahead.