Sir, because of work load I had stressed and headache, so I consulted psychiatrist. He said that ‘You have become depressed’ and he gave me some medicine which contain drug Escitalopram and Clonazepram. I took that medicine for 16 months, after that I stopped taking the medicine. After 15 days brain and heart pain started ,so I consulted physician and cardiologist but after some necessary test he said that I have no heart problem ,heart and my circulatory system is working well. Sir, after I stopped taking the medicine I’m suffering from headache and heart pain. I feel that I lost my stamina with the passage of time pain decreases. But from the last two months it is paining constantly. The heart constantly pumping and I can hear that voice, I can not sleep well, and after I sleep for 8 hours I don’t feel fresh the whole day. I want to know whether all these problems occurred because I stopped the medicine. I do not want to take medicine again, please suggest me what can I do to overcome this problem?

This can be because of reappearance of Depression. What you can do here is start medicines. Once you feel comfortable, start physical exercise (Walking, jogging, cycling, Gym.. anything out of these) and mental exercise (Meditation, pranayams,relaxation practices etc) which will help you in increasing your stress fighting capacity and will lift up your mood naturally. After 3 months of exercises start reducing medicines gradually as per your doctor’s advice and maintain yourself on exercise. However, in some cases Depression may reappear as Depression is recurring disorder. In that case see your doctor again and do as per his advice.