Sir as usual I had a relationship with a girl. I loved her a lot but now the problem is that she rejected me. I want to forget her. though I am trying to ignore her but whenever I listen to some kind of songs and movies I lose interest very quickly. I keep thinking about her and my mood goes off and thought always come up in my mind about her that makes me sick also. I feel like talking to her sometimes but she never cares about me anymore. When I kept on imagining her with me whenever I go to someplace nothing recalls but that particular memory of her. recalls about that place most of the times my mind thinks about this issue and also I am kind of goes ill and upset thinking about it, though I don’t want to but the fear of losing her and lost her and fear of getting married with another girl is causing a big worry. and also a lot of illness in my mind is there, any therapy that can help me erase memory associated with her or even her identity from my mind so I can live freely. Whenever I laugh a lot suddenly I stop what will happen next day. Previously I used to sit alone at home enjoying everything till the day I haven’t met her. But now I am scared of sitting alone what to do because I am getting ill day by day.

Forgetting is an automatic process. You do not have to try hard for it, all you need to do is just ignore her thoughts. Gradually thoughts should go away.