Respected sir, my name is Rahul. I am married before 1 year & 5 months. My problem is that my wife doesn’t love me actually but she shows such a way that she loves me. i think she has a affair with anyone so that she is doing such a way. i think she is not happy with me. We have a new born daughter also & daughter is not looking like me or my wife. How can I find that the daughter is mine or not? Presently she is not giving a response to me on bed also. I talked to her regarding this matter but she says that there is no problem & she told me that problem is with my thinking. Sir please tell me that how can I conclude that she loves me?

It is very difficult to come to the conclusion without interviewing your wife. Ask her to write your problem (so that I can hear her part also) or both of you should consult psychiatrist together before you reach to any conclusion.