Respected sir, my elder sister is not behaving properly. Sometimes she gets irritated on very small issues and starts screaming. Other times, she behaves over religiously and talks as if she is some spiritual guru. Just 5 to 6 months before she has overcome depression due to work stress with the help of a psychiatrist. she got married a month back and her in laws and her husband too complains about this that she reacts very absurdly and has got tendency to get irritated very easily. She makes plans like studying psychology and does a course of beautician though she has a very well established job in a software firm since past 7 years. We wanted her to visit the psychiatrist again but she is not ready to do so. Even the psychiatrist thinks that she needs to talk to him but I am unable to convince her to meet him or talk to him. Please help me regarding this issue. How to convince her to carry out the concealing with the psychiatrist? Reply me as soon as possible.

She seems to be suffering from Manic Episode of Bipolar Mood Disorder. She will require mood stabilizer and antipsychotic medicines. Consult her psychiatrist in her absence, he will prescribe you medicines which can be given in disguise to make her cooperative for treatment.