Respected sir, I want your help as I cannot express my feelings to any other person. I am a student doing PG in some professional course .I studied very hard till now to achieve a good career in my life. But one thing I missed in my life was a girl. In my UG also I used to love a girl but I could not say to her as I lose confidence in this aspect. Now also there is my junior whom I have started to like. But I am unable to propose her as I feel what people will think if I am engaged with my junior. Also I cannot see her with any boy. I am in dilemma what to do whether to propose her or not? My mind is very much disturbed by thinking these things. On Valentine’s Day I tried a lot to tell her but I could not. What to do sir. I see my friends flirting with a lot of girls but when I think of my family I think it is a waste of time only. Please help me sir. What shall I do?

If you love her and are ready to enter in a stable and long term relation you should express your feelings to her, if you find difficulty or lack of confidence in expressing in person than you may write a letter, mail or an sms showing honesty about your feeling towards her. While doing so be prepared to accept her denial in that case you should not get disheartened as it is her right also.