Respected Sir, I need your guidance to help me live a peaceful life. I am married for almost two years. I have a baby also. Ours was an arrange marriage & I conceived only 4 months after marriage. I know it was too early to have a child. Now I realize I & my husband didn’t get the time to spend with each other. In spite of few issues earlier, he is very caring towards me & the baby. He is a complete family guy. He is the only son so very involved with parents also. My issue is that he is not very physical with me. We have hardly made love in the last few months, you may say 3-4 times in last 1& 1/2 years. There were lots of reasons for that. I just had a baby, there were few issues between us, and he was overburdened in office. . He is physically very fit with no disease but I feel he doesn’t have physical desire. I have taken up this matter with him and he says yes he does agree that we have less frequency but he is disturbed because of his office & all. When I get angry & make an issue, he gives me attention for a day or two but never takes initiative. My point is that he takes out special time for his parents & baby then why am I only neglected. I am also working. We get Saturday & Sunday off. Most of the time we end up welcoming his relatives during weekend and he also visits to religious place with his mother. Whatever time he gets, he spends sitting with his parents & baby. I don’t want to talk about him spending time with them as that makes him upset & distance between us increases. He doesn’t even kiss me or hug me. I feel so left out & low. I feel I am cursed. There is no point asking for love .There is no passion/ romance left in our relation. It is making me feel frustrated when I see other couples getting cozy. What should I do? How should I make him love me?

Stop demanding love and attention. Stop creating issues on this as it has not worked. On the contrary, it might have worsened your situation as your husband might have perceived it as nagging. Start behaving as if you are ignoring his attitude and let him be curious on your ignorance. Once he opens up on your attitude then discuss your feelings without blaming him because if you blame him then again he will not be interested in listening to you. It is also important that you should improve your relationship with your in-laws; in turn your husband will be more satisfied with you.