Respected Sir, I’m 27year old male, newly married just 15 days back. I used to be very excited about sex topics before marriage and even after marriage; I remained excited for one week and had normal sex life. But after one week I realized to have lost my excitement about sex. I had some doubt about getting erection hence, to clear my doubt, I read some sex stories also but all in vain & I did not get erection. Fortunately now, my wife is not with me & has gone to her home for visit. I am scared whether I would have erection or not once my wife comes back. Please advice.

This could be because of anxiety. It is ok not to get erection sometimes but normally after such failure most of the men becomes so anxious that anxiety itself would start giving a problem in erection. You need to get relax and concentrate on foreplay. Enjoy togetherness and erection has to come if not today, tomorrow. Remember you are with wife and not with an outsider where present performance matters the most.