Respected sir, I have a problem. I study in a science college and am doing my second year BSc (Maths). I was a sincere and hard working girl till my 10th standard. But in 11th because of school change and the teachers which I got, my career was ruined. My maths and bio teacher both harassed me mentally by failing me unnecessarily. As am very sensitive and can’t tolerate even a small problem, my 11th and 12th results both were affected because I dint study due to the mental harassment. I don’t have any regret that I am doing BSc. And my friends are in engineering or pharmacy or medicine but what makes me upset is that I couldn’t achieve my goal in 12th standard. My friends got high percent in 12th though they were all bad at studies than me but in boards they got more than me. Now none of them talks to me and when I asked why they doing so, they said that I broke up with them. Frankly telling you sir that I am very kind hearted and honest person. I had always helped my friends without thinking of my studies or career. But today no one even talks to me. After my 12th, in college I got one very good friend and he is a boy. He was in other college but we met through one common friend. Today he is still my friend but he left the place I live because his studies got over and now he is leaving India soon. We both are best friends and understand each other very well. We both love each other but we know that we can’t marry because he is from other caste and my parents won’t allow me to marry him. He also has one problem for not marrying me and that is I am manglik so his parents refused him to marry me. My parents doesn’t like that I talk to him and continue at least friendship with him because he is from low caste. They don’t know about our love. But I can’t stop talking to him and he is leaving India forever for further studies and will settle there. We both have convinced ourselves that we can’t get each other. As I told u earlier that am very sensitive and I can’t tolerate his going far from me. Due to this am getting low marks in my exams. I had problem in first year also that’s why am very depressed. I was a ranker then also I failed in external exams so my second year also got spoiled of late admission. I can’t cope up with studies now. I have become careless and always feel to cry. I am very depressed and always feel to die. I can’t concentrate on my studies properly. I have become very fat also so now I have inferiority complex. I am very shy also. I want to become like I was till 10th –hardworking, sincere, punctual and very serious about studies. Sir, I request you to suggest me some proper way to cope with all this. I hope you will give me proper guidance regarding this matter.

You have tendency to brood over the past and you need to overcome it. Whatever happened with you in 10th is a past and you have paid the penalty in form of 12th result. Now you have to decide that how much more you want to pay for this. Regarding your friend, let him remain as a friend; keep in touch with him and that’s all! Why you should think beyond this when nothing further is possible? Once you clearly understand these two facts, things will start getting in to order. God bless you.