Respected sir, I am very much thankful for your last replies. Now I am very much satisfied with my relationship but I am suffering with myself. I lost my dad when I was 2 years old. And after that I got my step-father, but I still remember and miss my dad till this very moment. And I used to share all my feelings with my mom and I even used to tell whatever happened throughout the day to my mom but when I was in my first PUC I lost trust on my mom as she misused that character of mine and insulted me in front of all my friends as I had shared everything with her. And since then I am suffering very much. And my problem is that I can’t keep anything (information or any issue) within me and as a result I end up telling it to my friends. But later I regret for doing so and I feel embarrassed to again mingle with my friends. And by this my friends use my personal information as my weakness. And I even can’t take any decisions on my own as I prefer to ask others for suggestion before I take the decision. And I feel myself so dependent. I even end up telling my most personal things to my friends. Please help me doctor. I really need your help badly. I have to stop this character in order to safe guard myself respect and secure my relationship.

Your mother has done such an behviour only once which could be casually, you share your feeling with her only instructing her not to repeat the same now. And also you can start writing a diary which will help you ventilate whatever is there within you so just the crucial matter are to be shared that you can with your share mother only.