Respected sir, I am 27 yrs old male. I am very introvert, shy, submissive, pessimistic and low in confidence. However, very hardworking, strong will power, Good looking, sacrificing & fair by heart and passionate about my career. I belong to lower middle class Haryanvi family. My English was very poor but anyhow, by hard work & will power I improved it in last 5-6 yrs. Now I am associated with one of biggest MNC for last 3 yrs. where I am struggling with inferiority complex as my all colleagues are rich & belong to Punjabi culture and they talk about the advice things & some of them know good English also. I always keep on thinking what they would be thinking about me (Inferior, backward, arrogant, egoistic, just shy & normal…) as I am not so rich, advance & always keep mum. They speak freely with anyone (including other colleagues, bosses) and in group, huddle but I never speaks in huddle due to my before mentioned nature. They tried to speak & be friendly with me also but I never responded positively, ignored them & kept quite. Please advice what should I do to overcome my aforementioned nature & problem and how to boost my confidence since it is mandate to grow in life.

First of all, start responding them positively once they try to be friendly with you. You cannot change your socio-economic class immediately so accept it as a part of reality. English, anyway you can improve.