Respected Sir, I am 26 yrs old from Kolkata. I am working and preparing for an entrance exam. I am having many tensions and anxieties in life. I did my graduation and post graduation under Bangalore University. When I was in Bangalore for 5 years, I got spoiled a bit. When I was in final graduation I had a force relationship with a Punjabi guy. I didn’t like him because of his intentions but later I don’t know how I became the victim of his bad intention. We had a physical relation in his home. Thankfully later I didn’t have any problem because I didn’t allow him to go in extent. My spoiled activity is that when I was doing post Graduation I met with a Bengali Muslim guy in Train and He started liking me and he still loves a lot, I think. When I was in 4th sem 1 day I went to his home to clear my doubts regarding studies and combine studies too as he is also from my batch but from different college. At last he kissed me in love and we had minor physical touch. But this time he didn’t force anything, it just happened. After completion my Post Graduation I came back to my home because of two mishaps happened in my home and because of that my parents became mentally upset and physically unfit, especially my mother. Now my parents are arranging a marriage for me and I also agree with them because I felt and realized strongly that I should go according to them. That time I forgot that my parents have sacrificed for me to send me to study and I am doing these dirty things. Still my parents sacrifice and think about me always. Every day I am repenting strongly and crying because my worst spoiled activities which I did. I didn’t say anything and still I am not able to say anything because I am feeling too shaky and weak. I am having some health problems. My period is not regular because of these tensions. I am becoming socially weak. My dirty past tortures me every day. I feel that my mother understood something like that as she is very sensitive. Please suggest what I should do now and near future after I get married. Thinking about my parents and looking at them, I am not able to say anything about my activities before marriage proposals. Please help me out. Please suggest.

In life, so many times we forgive others but we never forgive ourselves. Strange but true! Forgive yourself for two accidental incidences and free yourself from guilt. There is no need to discuss or dig your past with anyone, just forgive and forget. Look forward and go ahead to marry.