Respected doctor, I am 20yrs old. I am suffering from GAD, with my symptoms going severe during high stress period especially during my examination. But when I take any medication for anxiety (with the help of doctor) like serta50, Etizola0.5 and now recently venlor-xr, my anxiety level is effectively reduced. But I always become hyper active, with my excitement racing with state of uncontrollable, my concentration becomes zero and my thinking comes in speed of light. I do not know whether I am hyperactive or the use of the drugs is making me like that. I want to get out of anxiety disorder but I am ending up with severe other side effect. Is this becoming due to my age factor? Kindly suggest me in what way should I lead? Thank you

This is due to side effects of medicines you have mentioned. You are experiencing euphoria with these medicines. You may try non-drug treatment of Anxiety. Cognitive Behaviour Therapy and Relaxation are best for you. You may try online CBT.