Recently got married to a girl and after 2 weeks of the marriage I found out about her past. Before marriage I asked her if I should know of any relationships, she said she never had any relationships but went on a few dates with few guys but nothing serious. She hides the fact that she had an intimate relationship with a friend who was already married. She continued the relationship for 3 years. On top of that she even invited him to our wedding. When I asked her about their relationship she just says they are friends and she has good friendly terms with this guy’s wife, and the wife doesn’t know about it. I’m unable to get over the fact that she shared such an intimate relationship with a married man and she invited him to our wedding. She told me she doesn’t have any feelings for him, what bothers me is how can you have a relationship with a person for 3 years and don’t have any feelings. Sometimes I wonder whether I should continue my relationship since I’m unable to trust her and wonder whether she will be faithful to me.

I agree with you that she has cheated on you but at the same time she may not have any feelings for him now. Since you are already married, you should give one chance to her. However, you should make it very clear to her that you do not believe that they had innocent relationship but you have ignored it for the sake of your marriage.