On Dec 25th I met my colleague and I am in love with him, who stays close to my residence. From the time he has joined our company, I have been meeting him regularly and we make love almost everyday. Now I am emotionally attached to him and feel that I should spend the rest of my life with him. I am aware of his past relationship with a girl friend 8years and she ditched him. He believes a lot in horoscope and astrology. I proposed him for marriage because I am confident and believe that he likes me and loves me too. But he refused because his parents would never agree for this due to different caste as I am a Hindu (Kannad) and he is Tamilian.He says both of our horoscopes and astrology does not match and its poor and hence he can never think of marrying me. I tried convincing him a lot but he does not listen to me. We tried breaking up but didn’t work as he says he can’t live like that as he is emotionally attached to me too and want to cherish the time and memories with me and carry it for entire life, he also says he does not want to continue this and give me a false hope and misuse me. His parents are looking for a bride for him and my parents an alliance for me. I am not at all interested in anything except him. I can’t take him off my mind, body and soul. I pray that he changes his mind but I also know it’s impossible. I sometimes feel the reason he has given is not valid but there must be something else which he has hidden it from me. I want to know all the truth. I want to live with him. I’m confident of convincing my parents. I am fine with all his drinking, fagging habits and the way he is I love to the core. I need your help sir. I need him in my life. I want that man. Suggest me what I should do. Do u feel he is in touch with his ex-girlfriend? When we met for the first time he told that he had a girl friend and broke up a year ago but recently he confessed that he broke up 5 months back only after coming to know about her truth of having relationship with a married man and due to her false character he broke off the relationship. He also confessed that he is in touch with her younger sister who is of my age only (25).He is of 30yrs old. He is an average looking, whetish complexion and the same with me. Please help me out with an alluring solution so that he gets convinced and we live together forever. I am scared till the time I get answer for this, or else I’ll be engaged wit someone else. Please do the needful sir. I am seeking for your help very desperately. There are so many things to share but I do not know. I just feel I will lose him. I can’t live without him. Sir please help me.

You are desperate to marry him but he is not! This is because you have loved him truly but probably he has not. His secret relationship with other girl even when he was enjoying physically with you, relationship with her sister and his unwillingness to get married to you under various excuses; are straight indication of this. Better accept this bitter fact and leave him. It may be very traumatic for you at present but on long run it might be just better for you. Think over with these things in mind.