My wife treat me like a slave, we got love married, without understand her completely I got married; It is a great mistake I did in my life. I don’t have freedom myself. I have to ask her permission to speak with my own brother, parents and to my friends, even I cant able to send a mail to my friends. She never allows me to speak with my own brother’s wife via mobile. Even I have to ask her permission to watch TV or play with my desktop PC. And she doesn’t have smooth relationship with my parents, she doesn’t treat them good. She is always suspecting me and I am getting torture from her everyday. But she take care my health well. But I have no freedom to have a peaceful life. She is not willing to have a child, and also not willing to go to work, I have requested many times to her to go to work, but she is not accepted it, now she is a house wife and giving torture to me to come early from my office. I lost my life. She doesn’t allow me to have a mobile with me, she suspecting me, so she keeps my mobile with her. So my parents also can’t able to communicate with me alone. She is also accepting as she is torturing me and she ask for divorce and then she trying to suicide in front of me. One day we fight together and she decided to go to her home, every time I will do humble request to her, to live with me, but this time I have not requested her to live with me, after 1 hour she come to me and damaged my shirt and she hit on my chest after that as usual she entered in to a room and locked the door and she tried to suicide. Every time I will request & stop her suicide attempt. Last one month I am thinking to kill her. I want to kill her and go to Jail and I would like to place my life as a peaceful one. Also I am thinking about one more option, I would like to run away from her and make my carrier in some other place/city/country. I am not going to tell to anyone, where I am living. But in this option I am worrying about her, what she will do for her food and who will take care about her, since their parents are poor family, and she will never return back to her home. She will not come to any hospital, because she is very afraid about hospital. She will not come to consult with any psychiatrist. I am helpless, please advise me.

From your description about her, I suspect that she is suffering from Personality Disorder (probably Borderline Personality Disorder). It is condition where person (more common in female) shows certain personality traits, possessiveness, aggressiveness, suicidal threats, attention seeking behavior, suspiciousness etc are few of them. They are one of the most difficult people to stay with. You are required to consult psychiatrist even if she may not accompany you. You may take online counseling for your day to day problems with her.