My husband, who is an architect met a major accident before a year.Although, he recovered a lot but still he is unable to walk without a support.As a result, he is unable to return to his work.I am working doubly hard, doing overtime at the office etc. to make more money and meet two ends.I am also wrestling with a frustrated sex life. I am married for five years now and all this is taking toll on me, please help.

Mishaps don’t happen in life with prior notice.However, you have been very brave and supportive to your family during this entire episode.You have been doing your duties well, which is an appreciable job.Now when this difficult phase of life is to pass away, please don’t lose on PATIENCE because now you will not have to wrestle for long since he is recovering. You also need to find out some time from your rushing  schedule,for revitalizing romance in your life. Without doing this you can not bring the spark back.