Me and my boy friend are in living relationship since last one and half year, he was very confident on that time but due to my one mistake he became very possessive, and due to that possessiveness he hurt me mentally and physically and from last so many months he want me to change and I changed myself fully. But till now he is not trusting me even after 3 to 4 days he remembers that things and start doing same or ask me to go back home even I changed my nature totally according to him but I don’t understand how can I make his trust again please tell me the suggestion to maintain my relationship . Please help me I’m very tensed due to these things my health is going down.

Men do not forget such things easily. It has straight connection with a blow to his male ego (that in spite of his presence you thought of somebody. It also gives feelings of inadequacy.) He might have developed paranoia. You should consult psychiatrist for counseling.