I work in a company at managerial level. I have been in contact with my colleague few years ago and we developed a good relationship. We both are married and are having children and good life partners. Still we developed a good relationship and feeling happy in each others company. We are mature enough to understand that this relationship has less life and is risky for our married life if our partners come to know about it. After three years, he started feeling uneasy about my relationship with other colleague who is much elder than us. He started collecting proofs about it and came to know that we talk often and are good friends. From that day he started thinking that I have relations with the other man and started harassing me saying that he is emotionally attached and he want me only. I am not having any relationship with the other colleague only that we are good friends and our thoughts match. From last two years he is saying very bad words about me and harassing me. I have high regards for him for the love and care he has given to me. He is not in a position to digest that I can be friends with others in my life. How is it possible? I am working and I have to talk with lot many people, how is it possible to avoid them. What is wrong in having good friends? I just can not bare dictators in my life. And why he should dictate? Because he loves me? Why? Am I not free to talk with the people I Like? I am feeling frustrated with his dictatorship. He is very much disturbed in his career/failures/started taking drinks and says for his every failure I am responsible and I am doing this purposely. I never wished wrong about him and always asked him to control and take care of self and family. Why should his family suffer because of him? He is trying to make me mentally ill. He calls me any time and asks me to meet which is horrifying situation for me. I am terribly upset and do not know what to do? Am I telling him wrong that he should control his emotions and control his family? Why he is not listening? I even told him that Ok if he wants to say it penning in public he can say it and let me free to see. But He said he cares for me and he will never do such thing. Then why he is giving troubles to himself? What is the solution for all this? I am on the verge of frustration/depression and suicide thoughts are often coming into my mind. Please guide me what should I do? I can not live in such a situation. Recently my husband also got transferred from this place and now I am staying alone with my small children. Please guide

He has developed emotional dependence and possessiveness for you. As a result he might have internal fear of losing you and which in turn reflects as suspiciousness. His failure to make successful carrier and frustration on various fronts is adding fuel to his aggression. Rather than trying to convince him for your loyalty, gradually and smartly withdraw yourself.